Warframe is Celebrating the Holidays the Right Way: with Ghouls

Credit// Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes are getting Warframe ready for the holidays the right way — with a whole bunch of bounties for some nasty new ghoul-type enemies.

Just two months after releasing its most ambitious expansion ever for Warframe, Digital Extremes have added the first major addition to the game with the new Ghoul Purge Bounties. Featuring a deadly four-pack of Grineer Ghouls born from sacks in the earth, each with extensive attack patterns and new weapons, and the separate ability for players to customize their Landing Craft with quality-of-life showcase options, this holiday-timed update is free and scheduled for PC today.

The grounds of the Plains have erupted with the disgustingly vile Grineer Ghouls. Players will encounter them through a a Ghoul Alert, or by stumbling across their graveyards (where they are "born" from the ground), through Incursions, or even Bounties.

Credit// Digital Extremes

Four in all, these disgusting new Grineer include:

  • Rictus Ghoul, who wields a deadly, ridable buzz saw
  • Auger Ghoul, armed with dual flame-thrower that double as drills for limbs, digs down into the earth in one spot, disappears, and surfaces in another for a surprise attack
  • Devourer Ghoul, a hideous, fat, pustule-laden beast with a lengthy tongue, spiked fists, and a jet pack to thrust him forward to shred Tenno to bits
  • Expired Ghoul, who dons bomb-spiked gloves to beat and detonate enemies to pieces.

And of course that means all Tenno are getting weapon upgrades:

  • Corinth, a double barreled shotgun that's commanding and explosive up-close
  • Gunsen, a steel-bladed, fan-like weapon that slices the throats of unsuspecting enemies in a micro-second
  • Quartakk a brutal four-barreled rifle
  • Stubba the Grineer favorite, a compact, high fire-rate, automatic Uzi
Credit// Digital Extremes

And in a final update, Tenno can now personalize and decorate their own Personal Quarters with an assortment of cool items. Customize the Landing Craft with a mini-stage, then select from posable Warframe figures, companion toys and beds, wallpaper, a fish tank and more to create a mini diorama of one's own making. Plus, players can now invite a friend inside to visit!

You can check it all out in the video below.

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