How BBC's Newsnight Started A Rumor About A Devilish New Candidate To Play The Doctor

This has been bouncing around the internet since Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving Doctor Who. BBC current affairs program Newsnight put together a montage of the Doctors to run at the end of their program on February 19th. The clip not only included the official doctors, but some of the unofficial ones, bringing the current total up to 14 for them. (They count the War Doctor as 9 and Richard Hurndall who filled in as the First Doctor in the Five Doctors.) So this is by far not an official list from the BBC.

The interesting part is that at the end of the montage, they show the back of a man, starring at the night sky while showing "15?" Here is the clip.

Now this was probably just a place holder that someone in production decided to pop in… except the clip is from another show all together and is the back of someone who has appeared in Doctor Who in the past.

The clip is from the Fox series Lucifer, the episode A Priest Walks Into A Bar. Here is the image.


It was one of the better episodes of the first season. So Newsnight has used a clip from Lucifer and now folks on-line seem to think that Tom Ellis is the next Doctor. As casting goes, Ellis would be a good choice. A strong leading man, able to play devilish… no pun intended… but also can bring an intensity to the part. Has a following in both the U.S. and the U.K. and, like many Doctors, he has appeared in the series in the past. Ellis played Thomas Milligan in the 2007 episode Last of the Time Lords.


Now for the reality check. Lucifer is doing well for Fox. Well enough that they are moving the production from Vancouver to Los Angeles and gave it an early third season renewal. And most lead actors are under contract for 5 to 7 seasons. The likely hood of Fox letting Ellis out of his contract and killing off the show is extremely slim.

As much fun as it would be to have Tom Ellis as the new Doctor, It's more likely that someone at Newsnight didn't think anyone would notice the borrowed footage rather than someone having insider information.

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