Johnny Depp Calls Donald Trump "A Brat"

After Johnny Depp starred in the Funny or Die movie The Art of the Deal, it was no surprise that the actor was flooded with questions about how he really feels. Although, if you watch the movie, you'll see that it's pretty obvious.


In a recent appearance at Arizona State University Depp talked about Trump and called him "a brat." Shortly after, he followed it up with a funny impression. Rolling Stone has the full story, and even though the video quality isn't that great, you can hear Depp's hilarity. It's quite amusing. I'm glad that he recognizes Trump running for President as absurd…

The best part of the video is Depp saying:

"I'm going to build a wall…a fabulous wall."

Let's cross our fingers that Depp makes more Trump things for us to laugh out.