Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Kicked Out Of Europe In WWE Brexit Sequel

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn may have worked themselves into a shoot, brother! The pro wrestling buddies have been sent home from WWE's European tour this week, reportedly by Vince McMahon himself, apparently for going off the script on Tuesday night's taped episode of SmackDown Live.

Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Kicked Out Of Europe In WWE Brexit Sequel

After Sami Zayn was defeated by Kofi Kingston in their match Tuesday night, Owens attacked Kingston, only for the pair to be kicked out of the ring and quickly escape. However, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that the pair were actually supposed to get back in the ring and "feed" for The New Day, a pro wrestling term which means running at their opponents like idiots and getting knocked down repeatedly. If the rumors are to be believed, Owens and Zayn didn't think it would make sense for their heel characters to attempt to fight outnumbered against their babyfaced opponents.

As a result, the pair were sent home amidst rumors that they've been getting a little hard to work with lately. The tension follows the firing of Jimmy Jacobs, a writer who was friends with the duo, and the departure of Neville, another friend, from the company. So are Owens and Zayn looking to get out of the company as well?

It seems like a poor time, considering Owens has been pushed for basically his entire main roster career, and was even recently involved in an angle where he got to headbutt Vince McMahon and make him bleed. Zayn has admittedly been underutilized for a while, but he's finally been gaining some momentum after turning heel and teaming up with Owens.

Hopefully, the whole thing is just a work, or the pair are simply living their gimmick. If not, the former former best friends may not be long for the WWE, even if they'd probably end up having to sit out their contracts like their buddy Neville.

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