The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 9 Review: "I Will Honor You, Carl"

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool's weekly recap of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 8: Bring Out Your Dead!. After a mid-season break that felt a lot longer than it actually was, we're back with our "revap" (review/recap) of the series' ninth episode: 'Honor':

The Walking Dead Episode 8×09 'Honor': Rick faces new difficulties after a battle. Meanwhile, the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.

The show's mid-season finale saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his coalition beaten pretty hard but still not broken, driven underground by a newly emboldened Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. As the Hilltop readies itself for a final battle and the Saviors poised to launch a final strike, our heroes have realized that "It's Time to Finish the Fight!" Aside from Carl (Chandler Riggs) set to shuffle off this mortal coil during the mid-season opener and Morgan (Lennie James) set to move on to Fear the Walking Dead, all bets are off going into the final eight episodes.

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But one quick thing before we get our recap under way…

Just to be clear, this is what I like to call a "revap": a recap/review/stream of consciousness mash-up "monster" all its own — but I will be covering some themes and takeaways involving major and minor plot points from the episode. Just something to keep in mind before watching or re-watching the episode. Definitely not looking to have angry fellow geeks outside my apartment with pitchforks and torches because I slacked off on the spoiler warnings.

In honor of Riggs' final appearance on The Walking Dead, AMC released the following retrospective teaser:

The Walking Dead's cast and creators talk about the survivors' strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to face Negan during the second-half of Season 8:

Thanks for joining us this week, and make sure to join us next week as we take a look at:

walking dead season 8 episode 9 review
Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead Episode 8×10 'The Lost and the Plunderers': Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop; Aaron and Enid search for allies; Simon takes matters into his own hands.

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