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A League of Their Own is moving to series at Amazon (Image: Amazon Studios)
After securing a green light for an abbreviated, four-episode second and final season earlier this year, fans of Will Graham & Abbi Jacobson's A League of Their Own were hit with some harsh news on Friday That's when reports hit that the streaming series had its Season 2 green light rescinded by Prime Video (as was[...]
A League of Their Own: D’Arcy Carden Grateful for Series’ Opportunity
Star D'Arcy Carden plays Rockford Peaches baseball player Greta Gill, who develops a relationship with series lead Abbi Jacobson's character Carson Shaw (who is also recruited to the team) but develops as a player-coach after their original manager Casey "Dove" Porter (Nick Offerman) takes another job with the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball The[...]
A League of Their Own: Tom Hanks Proud of What Amazon Series Explores
When Amazon Prime Video created their TV reimaging of the 1992 Penny Marshall film A League of Their Own, creators Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson (who also stars) prided on being dramatically different from the film and their take on the franchise protagonists, the Rockford Peaches and the World War II-era All-American Girls Professional Baseball[...]
Disenchantment Part 4 Trailer Shows Bean in Middle of Power Vacuum
Netflix released their trailer for the fourth part of Disenchantment as Bean (Abbi Jacobson) tries to embrace her new destiny as leader of Dreamland, but will be met with tons of resistance Joining her on her misadventures is the demon Luci (Eric André) and Elfo (Nat Faxon) We initially see the group arrive in Dreamland[...]
A League of Their Own is moving to series at Amazon (Image: Amazon Studios)
Amazon, Sony Pictures TV, and series co-creators Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) and Will Graham (Mozart in the Jungle) are adding to the cast of their reimagined series take on Penny Marshall's 1992 film A League of Their Own Patrice Covington (Genius: Aretha), Lea Robinson, Andia Winslow (Doc World), Rae Gray (Sea Oak), and Lil Frex[...]
“Disenchantment” Season 1 Part 2: Critically Hits All Strides [REVIEW]
The third animated show after the neverending Simpsons and Futurama for Matt Groening, the series follows Bean (Abbi Jacobson), who's propped as a person of destiny whether through arranged marriage or birthright regardless of her own wishes Joined by the similarly disenfranchised Elfo (Nat Faxon) and her enabler, the demon imp Lucy (Eric Andre), the[...]
When we last left Bean (Abbi Jacobson), Luci (Eric Andre), and Elfo (Nat Faxon), they were trying to escape a coup d'etat by conspirators looking to take over the crown of Bean's father King Zøg (John DiMaggio) The cliffhanger left them with the most unlikely help The preview reveals more of how the series deviates[...]
A League of Their Own is moving to series at Amazon (Image: Amazon Studios)
With Amazon Studios now giving an official series green light to Abbi Jacobson (Broad City), Will Graham (Mozart in the Jungle), and Sony Pictures TV's reimagining of Penny Marshall's 1992 film A League of Their Own a chance to get in the game with a series order, Jacobson and Graham are offering more details on[...]
A League of Their Own is moving to series at Amazon (Image: Amazon Studios)
Nearly five months after the project locked in an impressive cast, Amazon Studios is giving Abbi Jacobson (Broad City), Will Graham (Mozart in the Jungle), and Sony Pictures TV's reimagining of Penny Marshall's 1992 film A League of Their Own a chance to get in the game with a series order. D'Arcy Carden (The Good Place),[...]
'Connected': Trailer For New Lord and Miller Produced Animated Film Debuts
Featuring the voice talents of Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Mike Rianda, and Maya Rudolpf, the film details the struggle of a family adapting to live with rapidly evolving technology Hijinks ensue Gravity Falls Mike Rianda directs Check out the trailer below! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: CONNECTED – Official Trailer (HD) ( Sony Pictures[...]
“Connected”: Family Bonding Road Trip Meets “Maximum Overdrive” [TRAILER]
He loses himself in a video of his young daughter Katie (Abbi Jacobson) at the park Later, we find her grown up and ready to go to college. Fast forward to today Katie wraps herself in her smartphone and laptop The rest of the family also buried their heads on their phones and tablets After accidentally[...]
Instead of adding teaser scenes to the announcement, though, the streamer chose instead to air the last scene of part two finale "Tiabenie Falls." The clip starts at Bean's (Abbi Jacobson) execution for the attempted murder of her father King Zøg (John DiMaggio) As guards escort her to the gallows for the hanging, the foundation crumbles[...]
“Disenchantment” Season 2: Bean Tries to Save Elfo and Dreamland [TRAILER]
The newest trailer for the second season of Matt Groening's Netflix animated series Disenchantment dropped, showing more misadventures of Bean (Abbi Jacobson, Elfo (Nat Faxon) and Luci (Eric André) The end of season one saw Bean and her father King Zøg (John DiMaggio) unable to save the kingdom of Dreamland with its citizens turned to[...]
Netflix Sets 'Disenchantment' Season 1 Part 2 Premiere Date
The series follows the misadventures of Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), a hard-drinking reluctant heir to the throne of the kingdom of Dreamland. Accompanying her are Elfo (Nax Faxon), a naive elf, who like Bean, wants more to his life than his predetermined duties; and Luci ( Eric André), Bean's personal demon and resident supplier of sass[...]
Comedy Central Bringing 'Daily Show,' 'Broad City' Finale and More to SXSW 2019
Not to be outdone, network programming pal Broad City will premiere its final episodes on Sunday, March 10 – followed with an exclusive Q&A with series stars and creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. Trevor Noah had previously been announced as a keynote speaker at SXSW, and this marks the second year The Daily Show has[...]
Broad City Season 5: Comedy Central Sets Final Season Premiere Date
Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson's Ilana and Abbi have spent a good chunk of the past four seasons of Broad City either running to or from someone or something, whether it's "the next great life improvement" schemes, bad decision-making, or shady relationships They're a little tired now, but Glazer and Jacobson still have one more "marathon"[...]
Vive la Netflix, Lesnar as Hogan 2.0, Atwood Talks Terrorists, Broad City Ends, and Cusack's Low 'Fidelity' [The Weekly Static s01e35]
Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35? Apparently John Cusack's Not a Huge Fan of Disney's High Fidelity Series Netflix Says Au Revoir to Cannes Film Festival Following Rule Change 'Handmaids Tale' Author Margaret Atwood Talks Star Wars and Terrorists Broad City Creators Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson Announce End to Series, Sign Development Deal with Comedy Central Martin Scorsese to Direct[...]
'Too Many Stars' Crowd Jon Stewart In Promo For HBO Autism Event
Although more names are being added as the event nears, the list of confirmed performers includes: Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert, Abbi Jacobson, Jordan Klepper, Hasan Minhaj, John Mulaney, Olivia Munn, John Oliver, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler. Stewart has served as host of the event since 2005, and has become a one-man recruitment drive to bring stars[...]
She and her traveling mates will come across ogres, sprites, harpies, imps, trolls, walruses and lots of idiot humans. Groening says of the new series: Ultimately, Disenchantment will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other[...]
'Broad City' Season 4: Unemployment, Sex Therapy, And RuPaul
From Bleeding Cool reporter Marilyn Weiss: Oh my goddess! It's almost time for Broad City Season 4! The girls are back! Abbi Jacobson (Abbi Abrams) and Ilana Glazer (Ilana Wexler) showed off a hilarious new episode from the series' upcoming fourth season to an ecstatic crowd at SDCC. In the episode, Abbi deals with unemployment and growing older,[...]