Booker T Has Joined Mick Foley In His Worries About The Current WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley drew quite a bit of attention on Tuesday when he spoke out on his official Facebook, telling WWE how he thinks they have a problem.  Foley was indeed critical of the company and how he believes they're no longer the top destination for young wrestlers, but it was all in an honest and somber tone, like a disappointed father who sees his son going in the wrong direction and wants to steer them back on course.  Fans have had days to think about his message and now a fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, has chimed in to not only discuss Foley's video but also throw his support behind what "the Hardcore Legend" had to say.

Booker T Has Joined Mick Foley In His Worries About The Current WWE
WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley & Booker T are in agreement that WWE isn't handling its talent well.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker T dove into Foley's video from this week and threw his support behind his fellow Hall of Famer.

"I want to talk about those comments because I think there's a lot of validity to those comments that Mick Foley made. It was critical in a constructive criticism way. I can't disagree with Mick Foley on anything. He's a smart dude, and he's very, very intelligent as well. He knows his stuff. He's been there. He's done it, so coming from Mick Foley, you have to take it and say, 'Ok, let me look at this.'

One thing also, in wrestling and young people, is how things change so quickly. Just think about it. 20 years ago, UFC started. From that point, kids who were 5, 6, 7 years old, they were watching UFC. They gravitated to it. That's the only thing they wanted to do. It was something new to them. Right now, AEW is in its infancy stages, but you have a lot of young kids, the first time they're watching professional wrestling, the first wrestling they're seeing may not be WWE. It may be AEW. If you're not thinking about that kind of stuff, that kind of generational gap, you might be missing the boat.

As far as what Mick Foley said about Karrion Kross, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, how many times have I said that? If it's working, you don't touch it. You leave it alone. If you can enhance it, you enhance it and make it better, but you don't take anything away from it. That's just my opinion. I agree with Mick Foley 100%. We need to get our ass in gear, bottom line."

Booker T is of course on point here, as was Mick Foley a couple of days ago.  It's hard not to take issue with how WWE has dealt with its young talent in recent years.  The company that once was the official star-maker factory has now reversed course and as Booker T alludes to, has seemingly gone out of its way to mess with young wrestlers on the cusp of stardom and derail their momentum with illogical repackaging or just straight burial.

We all know how they've mishandled Karrion Kross and Keith Lee upon their respective arrivals to the Raw roster.  But with the reports this week of how they planned on bringing up Adam Cole only to use him as a motor-mouthed manager with a new name for a heel-turned Keith Lee, well, it's no surprise why Cole took his talents to AEW this past weekend.

I would hope that if enough legends like Foley and Booker T are speaking out, WWE management will eventually take notice that something is really not working and make some changes.  Unfortunately though, the management there appears more and more insulated as of late and it's full-steam ahead with their plans no matter what the perception is.  Money talks and they're making lots of it right now.

But if ratings continue to dive for WWE shows and rise for AEW and TV networks decide to value the new hot company higher than the one they previously felt they had no choice but to work with before, then yes indeed, money will speak very loudly and maybe then it will finally be loud enough to hear at the WWE offices.

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