archer: danger island

Archer Deals with Quicksand, Cannibals, and Cocktails in New 'Danger Island' Trailer

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) is about as ready for an island adventure filled with spies and double-dealing as you'd expect Sterling Archer to be… but Krieger as a parrot? That might just be too much even for him to handle. But as we can see from the official trailer for Adam Reed/Matt Thompson's hit animated series Archer: Danger […]

archer: danger island

Archer: Danger Island Gets Season 9 Premiere Date from FXX

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) is trading the gumshoe life of 1947 Los Angeles-esque Dreamland for an island adventure filled with spies, double-deals…and Krieger as a parrot? Looks like that's just the tip of the volcano, as FXX announced on Wednesday that the ninth season of the hit Adam Reed/Matt Thompson animated series Archer: Danger […]

#JusticeForEthel – Riverdale Episode 3

The best thing about this show is the character development. In this week's episode the story line isn't exactly weak, but it wasn't strong either. We open with Cheryl in Weatherbee's office with Sheriff Keller, where she spills her guts about what really happened. And no, she didn't kill him. Jason was planning on running […]