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CORSAIR Reveals Katar Pro XT Mouse & MM700 RGB Mouse Pad
CORSAIR launched a pair of products together this week with the Katar Pro XT Gaming Mouse and the MM700 RGB Extended Mouse Pad The mouse has been designed to have a lighter touch to it as well as better durability and a faster response, making it ideal for gamers to get the best reaction time[...]
CORSAIR Launches MP600 Core & MP600 Pro M.2 NVMe SSDs
CORSAIR revealed two new SSDs this week as they unveiled the MP600 CORE & MP600 PRO M.2 NVMe for the public to buy Along with both of those were a couple of different models with MP600 PRO Hydro X Edition Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD, as the M.2 SSD Water Block (2280) All of[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Vengeance RGB Pro SL Memory
CORSAIR revealed a new product this week as they introduced the Vengeance RGB Pro SL Memory for PC This is the latest addition to their line of high-performance DDR4 memory kits, which both perform super wall while also illuminating whatever they're installed in You can check out the full details on it below as it[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Set Of 5000 Series Mid-Tower Cases
This past week, CORSAIR revealed a new line of computer towers, this set being the 5000 Series Mid-Tower Cases The three models they debuted this past week during CES 2021 were the 5000D, the 5000D AIRFLOW, and the 5000X RGB Each one with their own little changes, benefits, and stylings depending ont he kind of[...]
SCUF Gaming Unveils Its First Gaming Headset With The SCUF H1
A bit of a new direction for them as it's one of the first real influences we've seen since being incorporated into the CORSAIR brand This is a wireless headset with a design that appears to be aimed more at console gamers, but it can still work with PC as well as mobile devices that[...]
CORSAIR Launches The VENGEANCE a7200 Series Gaming PC
CORSAIR revealed a brand new Gaming PC this past week as the company launched the VENGEANCE a7200 onto the public This is the first unit from the company to offer the new AMD Ryzen 5000-Series CPU, which has been coupled with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000-Series GPU, and is supported by a range of components[...]
CORSAIR Launches HS70 Bluetooth Gaming Headset
CORSAIR revealed another gaming headset this past week in the form of the HS70 Bluetooth for a wireless gaming experience As you can see, it works like most wireless setups as it has it's own dock to hang them from for charging, but it also comes with the ability to switch to 3.5mm jack in[...]
CORSAIR Officially Acquires EpocCam App & Software
CORSAIR revealed this week that the company has officially acquired the EpocCam app and software under the Elgato brand If you're unfamiliar with the app itself, this is basically an all-in-one setup for people who wish to turn their mobile devices into a webcam Which makes it ideal for people who wish to broadcast themselves[...]
CORSAIR Launches HS75 XB Wireless Gaming Headset For Xbox
CORSAIR revealed a brand new headset today as they are releasing the HS75 XB Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox consoles To be specific, this headset works for not just the Xbox One, but also the Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC Like a lot of their headsets, this one comes with a  fully detachable[...]
CORSAIR Reveals The HS60 HAPTIC Gaming Headset
This morning, CORSAIR revealed a brand new gaming headset hitting the market this week with the HS60 Haptic The new headset is designed to improve on the previous models of the series, which we've had a chance to review before This one boasts that it will deliver a deeper, more powerful sound than can be[...]
CORSAIR Reveals The K60 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
This morning, CORSAIR revealed a brand new product to their gaming line with the K60 RGB PRO Mechanical gaming keyboard The big thing about this one that separates it from others is that it is the first from the company to feature Cherry Viola keyswitches Which are designed to give both a better keystroke as[...]
CORSAIR Announces Multiple Products During September 2020
While we were trying to climb out from under all the conventions this month, CORSAIR had a number of products revealed Normally when new stuff comes down the pipeline, we try to give each product its due But since there's so much news happening this month and there are so many products being mentioned by[...]
CORSAIR To Sponsor First-Ever Ubisoft Collegiate Esports League
CORSAIR announced this week that they will be sponsoring the first Ubisoft Collegiate Esports League for Rainbow Six Siege As you might suspect from the deal, you'll be seeing players compete on a lot of CORSAIR-related gear, as well as see their branding throughout the tournament The new league will kick off with R6S, as[...]
Stream Deck XL Main Image
We recently got the chance to try out the latest Elgato Stream Deck model from CORSAIR as they sent us the Stream Deck XL for review We had previously had a chance to sit down and review both the regular Stream Deck as well as the Stream Deck Mini So we already knew kind of[...]
CORSAIR Announces Partnership With Rainbow Six Pro League
This week, CoRSAIR announced they have formed a new esports partnership to sponsor two major events for the Rainbow Six Pro League The company will sponsor the Six Invitational, which we're at this weekend, as well as the Six Major 2020 happening in August Beyond the fact you'll see their name everywhere and players will[...]