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DC Comics Makes DC Pride 2022 Free-to-Read in Honor of Kevin Conroy
Bone, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar, Finding Batman was originally published in the DC Pride 2022 anthology, and, in fact, the entire anthology is now free-to-read on DC's website in honor of Conroy. DC posted the following message on their website: DC is deeply saddened at the passing of the legendary actor, and the voice of Batman[...]
Kevin Conroy On How Life As A Gay Man Helped Him To Create His Batman
Batman: The Animated Series star Kevin Conroy, J Bone and Aditya Bidikar's story for DC Pride 2022, finding Batman, begins with a warning "DC Pride 2022 is a celebration—but for the LGBTQIA+ community, few celebrations happen without acknowledging the struggles that preceded them The following story, "Finding Batman," is a personal history by the actor[...]
DC Pride 2022, Delayed A Week, Picks Up Jen Bartel Card Cover
This year's DC Pride 2022 anthology was planned to be published on the 31st of May, the day before Pride Month The book went to FOC last weekend but it appears that DC Comics thinks retailers may need another chance to up their orders So DC Pride 2022  has been delayed a week, and another[...]
DC Pride Variants
DC Comics have revealed all their DC Pride variant covers for Pride Month, June 2022, alongside the DC Pride anthology, Harley Quinn, Aquamen and Superman: Son of Kal-El, Wonder Woman, and new series for Poison Ivy, Nubia: Queen of the Amazons, Kid Quick in Multiversity: Teen Justice, a Galaxy: The Prettiest Star graphic novel and[...]
Spider-Man & X-Men Beat Batman & Joker- Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
X-Men #21 was also strong, Geiger also made it in, as did DC Pride, a rarity for an anthology title. Amazing Spider-Man #68 X-Men #21 Joker #4 Detective Comics #1037 Heroes Reborn #6 Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point Third Print #1 Excalibur #21 Geiger #3 DC Pride #1 Batman The Detective #3 Thanks to the following Bleeding Cool Bestseller List retailers… Rodman Comics, of Ankeny, Iowa Fat Jack's Comicrypt of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ssalefish[...]
Auto Draft
It got pulled and repositioned for the DC Pride volume out yesterday He was also the writer behind the pitch for JLQ in the DC Comics tournament that couldn't get past being initially put up against the eventual winner, Robins But he did manage to sneak them into his DC Pride story, published yesterday, which[...]
DC Comics has released a preview of DC Pride #1, a ten-dollar one-shot anthology celebrating pride month with nine stories The first of those stories delves into Batwoman's childhood, and we have a preview of that below Check it out! DC PRIDE #1 (ONE SHOT) DC Comics 0421DC008 0421DC009 – DC PRIDE #1 (ONE SHOT) CVR B JEN BARTEL[...]
DC Pride #1: Massive Preview of DC's Pride Month Comic
DC Pride #1's creators came together to feature LGBTQIA+ characters from all corners of DC's ever-expanding Universe, from Aqualad to Batwoman to Catman to Dreamer to Extraño and beyond! Check out all the incredible content that DC Pride #1 has to offer, and scroll down for previews of each story, the debut of Batman #109's Pride variant cover, a first[...]