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Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney Hid Liverpool Insult In FIFA 23
FIFA 23 fans are finding a tiny insult hidden within the game directed to Liverpool, all delivered at the hands of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney In case you weren't already aware of this, the Wrexham A.F.C.  was added to the game as part of an expansion of teams to make the roster much bigger[...]
Major League Soccer and EA Sports Announces eMLS 2023 Season
The season will feature FIFA 23 competitors in a series of competitions, highlighted by two marquee League Series events in New York City in January and February 2023, with the season concluding as part of the SXSW sessions in March 12th with the eMLS Cup Players will be fighting each other for a piece of the[...]
FIFA 23 Adds New FIFA World Cup 2022 Update Globally
EA Sports has issued a new update for FIFA 23 this week as they have given fans across the globe the FIFA World Cup 2022 Update This update adds a brand new game mode to bring you all of the excitement of the actual tournament, totally free, as you can play as any of the[...]
Kylian Mbappé & Sam Kerr Named FIFA 23's Cover Athletes
EA Sports has released a brand new launch trailer for FIFA 23, showing off more aspects of the game before they release it This particular trailer shows off more of the HyperMotion2 tech, as well as Women's Club Football, as they include clubs from their leagues and divisions into the game Plus a look at[...]
FIFA 23 Reveals Esports Roadmap & Ecosystem Updates Plans
EA Sports revealed some of their upcoming plans for FIFA 23 this morning, including what's coming for esports and more The FIFA 23 Global Series will be making a return as players will be able to sign up and take part in the year-long competition across multiple regions We have more info on that below[...]
Ted Lasson & AFC Richmond Are Coming To FIFA 23
EA Sports will be doing the ultimate crossover of kindness as Ted Lasso at AFC Richmond will be added to FIFA 23 This may be the final season of the show, but the team behind the game is looking to make sure everyone's favorite transplant coach is solidified in one of their entries Lasso will[...]
EA Sports & Marvel To Collaborate On FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
In some truly bizarre news this morning, EA Sports will partner with Marvel to bring a comic book spin on football to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Before you jump to conclusions, no, you're not getting a soccer team with Captain America leading the charge with a bunch of Avengers players This is far more an[...]
Kylian Mbappé & Sam Kerr Named FIFA 23's Cover Athletes
EA Sports officially revealed the trailer and details for FIFA 23, as the game is currently slated to be released this September The company is boasting the HyperMotion2 technology and physics system that they have used to improve on this entry in the franchise, as they have given players a new set of new features[...]
Kylian Mbappé & Sam Kerr Named FIFA 23's Cover Athletes
EA Sports have revealed the two cover athletes coming to FIFA 23 as they have chosen Kylian Mbappé and Sam Kerr Mbappé and Kerr will be featured together on the title's Ultimate Edition Global cover, which you can see below, as well as their own individual covers for the main game Which, incidentally, this year's[...]