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Batman 1989 Pre-Orders Go Live on Mezco Toyz
Batman 1989 is here from Mezco Toyz and pre-orders are finally live! The figure will feature three interchangeable heads, one of which has movable eyes he will have two separate capes that can be switched out and one has wire throughout so you can pose it how you like Batman will come with 8 interchangeable[...]
Court of the Dead's Gethsemoni Comes To Life with Phicen
In all my times as a collector, I have never seen a figure like the one Sideshow Collectibles and Phicen has brought to life This one is from their Court of the Dead series and it changes up the game for the better Gethsemoni is the Queen of the Dead and she is coming to[...]
Mezco Toyz Finally Announces Batman 1989 As Their Next Exclusive
Mezco Toyz fans are freaking out as the company has just announced that tomorrow we will finally see pre-orders go live for the long awaited Batman 1989 figure This figure will finally feature Michael Keaton Batman in all of his glory We don't have a full glimpse of what we will be expecting but they have released a couple[...]
“The Iron Giant” Stands Tall With New Walmart Exclusive Goldlok Figure
The newest figure from the Warner Brothers classic is a Walmart Exclusive figure from Goldlok The figure stands 14" tall, walks, has lights, sounds and is quite detailed The best part here is that this figure is that it is only $19.99 which honestly blew me away So let's not wait any longer and dive[...]
Hiya Toys Gives Us More "Predators" and "RoboCop" FIgures
Hiya Toys has been increasing its ranks for their Predators and RoboCop figure lines It looks like each line will be getting a new additional figure that will be a Previews exclusive First up is a new Predator from the 2010 film, this time an Unmasked Berseker enters the hunt This figure is packed with detail, is[...]
Ultraman Stands His Ground With New Model Kits From Bandai
Ultraman is back and this time it looks like fans can get two new figures These figures are model kits from Bandai but they really pack a punch Each figure stands roughly 6 inches, is fully posable one built and comes with some nice accessories Two versions of him are available, first is Suit Version[...]
Evangelion Returns Once Again with New Bandai Figure
We recently saw that Evangelion is getting a couple of Funko Pop vinyl figures Now it looks like Bandai is releasing a special metal build of the famed EVA-01 character The best part of this figure is that they have teamed up with the designer of Evangelion, Ikuto Yamashita, to give us a figure designed like[...]
Iron Man Hot Toys from "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Gets Reissue
Iron Man returns once again as Hot Toys announces that their Spider-Man: Homecoming Iron Man Mark XLVII figure is getting a reissue! That's right if you missed this figure before this is your time to lock another down If you don't know, this figure features diecast parts, articulated, and highly detailed Iron Man has 28[...]
More “Dragon Ball Z” Characters Come to Life With S.H. Figuarts
Dragon Ball Z fans have more to look forward too as Tamashii Nations has revealed some new figures for their S.H Figuarts line This time two new characters are coming to life and a new set of figure effects come available First up is none other than Son Goku Kaio-Ken who will stand at roughly 5.5[...]
Dawn Shows Her Power as the Next Figure from Executive Replicas
This beautiful goddess now makes her way onto your shelves as Executive Replicas and TBLeague announces Dawn is their next figure This 1/6th scale figure and stand 12 inches tall One great feature of this figure is that she has a metal skeleton so that her body is seamless This gives you a very accurate[...]
“Kingdom Hearts III” Xion is Back as New Bring Arts Figure
This figure is amazing and should brighten any Kingdom Hearts fan as this is our first Xion figure She is packed with detail and comes with a nice set of accessories She will come with 3 different head portraits, 6 interchangeable hand pieces, and her keyblade I do appreciate how they decided to add a[...]
New Wave of Power Rangers Figures Announced by Hasbro
Power Ranger fans rejoice! Hasbro has announced another amazing wave of their Lightning Collection action figures Some fan-favorite characters return as four characters come to life spanning decades of ranger history Each figure will be priced at $21.99, set to release in April 2020, and are packed with accessories Each action figure comes packaged in[...]
Spider-Man Stealth Suits Becomes PX Exclusive from Mezco Toyz
It looks like Stealth Suit Spider-Man will be the next Mezco One:12 Collective figure to get released This announcement honestly has caught me off guard as there have been so many Spider-Man Night Monkey figures already However, this is Mezco Toys so we are talking a high quality figure that will be a great addition[...]
Optimus Prime Gets a Comic Book Makeover with Flame Toys
With Flame Toys they are giving us a new Transformers Furai Action Optimus Prime figure but unlike the models we have seen previously, this one is already built When you love the figures but just don't have all that extra time on your hands this is the option for you The figure will already come[...]
"Cyberpunk 2077" Gets a New Variant Figure from McFarlane Toys
We have already seen 3 figures to be announced and it looks like we are getting yet another. Keanu Reeves is getting a lot of attention before the game has even come out and Johnny Silverhand gets another figure This figure is 7 inches tall, comes with accessories, and does features 22 points of articulation Cyberpunk 2077[...]
Captain America Goes Back to 2012 with New Hot Toys Figure
Captain America is ready for his final journey, and one of his final tasks is fighting himself. Avengers: Endgame and Hot Toys have traveled back in time to 2012 to give us a spectacular figure However, this is only a one character announcement, you would have to buy two of these figures to create the scenes[...]
Hot Toys Unveils Their Newest Spider-Man Unmasked Head
Spider-Man Hot Toys figure is easily one of the hottest figures in their series Everyone loves Spider-Man and their figures are high quality and filled with detail Hot Toys recently showed off their newest head portrait for their upcoming Avengers: Endgame Iron Patriot figure and it seems they have another release for us This time Tom Holland gets[...]
Iron Studios Has Acquired a New License for 2020
Storm Collectible fans have something to looks forward to with their Mortal Kombat series as the company has shared a teaser image of their next figure It looks like Raiden from Mortal Kombat II is entering the arena next! We only are greeted with a single image of one of his main Fatality moves[...]
Keanu Reeves is a Badass Cyberpunk Rockstar with McFarlane Toys
We finally get a better look at not only Keanu reeves character Johnny Silverhand but the character Mule as McFarlane Toys announced their first wave of action figures These figures are highly detailed and come with a nice set of accesories and a display base Keanu does come with two figures in the first wave[...]
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Collectibles have easily been flying out of the woodwork and why wouldn't they, Spider-Man rules! This time we can add another Iron Spider figure to our going Spidey collections as MAFEX announces a new figure This one comes with the Nano Gauntlet, external leg attachments, and a kill mode head This figure should please a[...]
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The last figure from Medicom was made in 1998 and now with better technology, they are giving him back once more Gigantor is packed with detail, articulated, and he comes with a nice set of interchangable hands Each posable body part has a special joint for to give us the perfect poseability This 8 inch[...]
Soundwave and Ravage Are Doing Recon with New Hasbro Figure
Soundwave and Ravager are getting an amazing new figure from the cooperation between Hasbro and Threezero The figure is 11.2 inches tall and has over 80 points of articulation! Soundwave features die-cast parts, LED lights, and even a compartment to store Ravage The figure does come with some accessories too as we 7 interchangeable hands[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Gets a New Figure from MAFEX
MAFEX has announced that The Dark Knight Returns is getting a new figure who is ready to take on Superman This figure comes with two interchangeable head, one masked and another unmasked The unmasked version does have cowl attachment to show it behind his head The Dark Knight Returns figure will also be getting 4[...]
Mark Hamill Gets a Special Funko Exclusive to Designer Con
There are three Mark Hamill figures to come out, the first one is the normal outfitted one (the one we will be reviewing), Mark Hamill in a Joker outfit and the last one was a chrome variant I was able to get one of the normal versions online so let us take a look with[...]
Iron Patriot Hot Toys Figures Gets a Updated New Head
Hot Toys has already revealed the figure but it looks like we are getting a first look at their newest update on it Don Cheadle will be a completely sculpted head for the figure and wow does it look lifelike The team is putting a great amount of time and detail into this figure and[...]
Devil May Cry 3 Comes Back with New Vergil Asmus Toys Figure
This time it looks like Asmus Toys is going back to Devil May Cry 3 with a new Luxury Edition figure of Vergil The figure comes with a light up display base showing stairs and a lamppost He will also be getting very special demon armor pieces that fit him perfect Each piece is highly[...]
Magic Johnson Gets a Throwback with New Figure Cool Collectible
Magic Johnson returns to the NBA but this time it is as a new collectible figure coming to us from Figure Cool The figure is remarkably detailed and shows MAgic Johnson in all with Laker glory Not only is the detail great but he is quite loaded with accessories for being a basketball player He[...]
KGBeast has Arrived in Gotham with New Mezco Toys Figure
KGBeast has been revealed to be the mystery character coming out of Mezco Toyz as their next One:12 Collective figure KGBeast is more known in the Batman circuit and I know some One:12 fans who can't wait to get their hands on this figure His design is pretty spot on to the comics and he[...]
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RoboCop just can't stay down as we get another Previews Exclusive figure coming to us from Hiya Toys This is the 6th RoboCop figure we have seen get announced and it looks like this is another one from the third film So far I think each of the RoboCop films has seen at least two[...]
Batman Beyond Goes Festive with Our Heroic Holiday Guide
The statues are available online and you can find them located here. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Diamond Select Credit: Diamond Select Flying on in next we are going to take a look at the special Mezco Toyz One:12[...]