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Saber Interactive Reveals World War Z: Aftermath
Focus Entertainment and Saber Interactive have released a brand new free update into World War Z: Aftermath with "Cut & Mend" This update is a bit of a blessing as there haven't been too many updates to the game as of late This new update adds some awesome additions to the gameplay like the unlockable[...]
A Plague Tale: Requiem Will Be Getting A Collector's Edition
Focus Entertainment revealed a brand new version of A Plague Tale: Requiem as the company will be releasing a new Collector's Edition Together with Asobo Studio, this will be the ultimate edition for anyone who loves the series so far and wants something to commemorate it The sum total of the set is that you'll[...]
Hardspace Shipbreaker Main Art
Focus Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive have added a new update to Hardspace: Shipbreaker with double-decker ships The game is still in Early Access and is getting updates regularly, which includes new additions that help make things a little more awesome than before The 0.7.0 Update has gone live today, which includes the new Atlas-Class ships[...]
Auto Draft
Focus Entertainment has revealed the plans for Season 2 of Hood: Outlaws & Legends as things get a little more festive these days Like almost every other game is doing, the devs at Sumo Digital have put together a fun holiday-themed season simply titled "Yuel" And as you may suspect, it's going to add a[...]
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Will Now Launch In Late August
Focus Entertainment and Cold Iron Studios revealed their plans for Season Two of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, coming on December 14th, 2021 The game has got a pretty dedicated fanbase who love this take on the franchise, so they're rewarding those who have helped carry the game on with a ton of new content that will[...]
World War Z: Aftermath Receives A Free Halloween Update
Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment have released a new free update this week for World War Z: Aftermath in time for Halloween The update itself brings in what you might expect for the game as there are some improvements and bug fixes in various areas, but primarily the focus for this one is putting in[...]
Focus Entertainment Announces Dordogne For 2022 Release
Focus Entertainment announced today that they will officially be publishing the upcoming UMANIMATION game Dordogne The two companies revealed that they have formed a partnership to get the game published for both PC and consoles sometime in 2022 If you haven't seen anything about the game yet, this is a cool exploration title with a[...]
Auto Draft
Focus Entertainment and Limestone Games released a new trailer for Aeon Must Die revealing more gaming and the game's release date The trailer itself gives you nearly five minutes of action both in gameplay and cool cutscenes as you have merges with the mighty Aeon to exact revenge against the generals who betrayed you and[...]
Insurgency: Sandstorm Receives The Operation Exodus Update
New World Interactive and Focus Entertainment dropped a new cinematic trailer today for the console version of Insurgency: Sandstorm The trailer isn't that long, but you're getting about as good of an introduction to the game and how things play out at every moment in a very dramatic setting It's you and your unit against[...]
Insurgency: Sandstorm Gets A Massive Update In Operation: Breakaway
New World Interactive and Focus Entertainment have released a new Insurgency: Sandstorm video showing off console gameplay With the game primarily being on PC this entire time, a lot of work and effort went into making this title work well for both PlayStation and Xbox users beyond just mapping out a controller scheme With the[...]