A Sealed Copy of Final Fantasy VII is Up for Sale on Heritage Auctions

The Final Fantasy series has been influencing video games since the first one came out in on the NES back in 1987. For JRPG fans, there is always one game that really helped connect them to the series, and for this writer, that game was Final Fantasy VII, and I'm far from alone there. Final Fantasy VII was the first 3D Final Fantasy and the first of the series to arrive on the Playstation One system. It's often cited as the first Final Fantasy that an entire generation of kids have played and that combined with it coming out in the early days of the internet meant that it created a new kind of fanbase for the series. It has gone on to get a remake that came out earlier this year, several spin-offs, and a movie. People also say that this is the game that helped make JRPG's popular outside of Japan and expanded the games from a niche market to having massive mainstream appeal. It helped show the capability of the Playstation era graphics and what was possible when games were pushed to their limits. Final Fantasy VII is a piece of gaming history, and if you're a serious Final Fantasy collector, we have a piece of memorabilia for you. Heritage Auctions has a sealed copy of the game up for auction, which ends today.

There aren't a ton of sealed versions out there of this game since it isn't exactly someone would think to keep in a box. Unlike an action figure where buying one to play and one to display might set you back an additional $20 buying a sealed copy of a game would set you back $60+. This is also an early release of the game since many games were re-released with a green "greatest hits" on the front cover. That means this copy of Final Fantasy VII comes from before the game was a certified hit. The bidding isn't insanely high at the time of writing, and the auction ends today, so if you're a huge Final Fantasy VII fan, maybe take a look at this auction to add a new piece to your collection.

Final Fantasy VII – Wata 7.5 B Sealed [Masterpiece Misprint], PS1 Squaresoft 1997 USA. Highest-selling, most-acclaimed installment in the quintessential Final Fantasy JRPG series. Produced for the Sony PlayStation by series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and music by Nobuo Uematsu.

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