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Dying Light 2 Delves Into Parkour & Combat During Gamescom 2021
During Gamescom 2021, Techland launched their own special livestream event today, showing off more of the combat coming to Dying Light 2 The team put together another livestream in their post-zombie world settings where members of the team are basically interviewing each other about different aspects of the game this time around they get more[...]
Farming Simulator 22 Receives A November Release Date
GIANTS Software released a brand new trailer for Farming Simulator 22 at Gamescom 2021, showing off more of the gameplay Prior to this, we got to check out a small demo with the devs as they showed off some of the improvements, which you can see in the trailer below Some of the biggest additions[...]
Halo Infinite Finally Has A Launch Date & Limited Edition Bundle
Xbox Game Studios and 343 Industries revealed a proper launch date for Halo Infinite during Gamescom 2021's Opening Night livestream We now know the game will finally be released on December 20th, 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, after having been delayed a couple of times for the team to work on[...]
Marvel's Midnight Suns Announced During Gamescom 2021
2K Games and Firaxis Games have finally revealed their Marvel project at Gamescom 2021 with Marvel's Midnight Suns The game features a combination f familiar faces as well as some of the darker order of heroes within the Marvel universe coming together to defeat Lilith before the Darkhold is complete The game will be more[...]
Nintendo Releases A New Trailer For WarioWare: Get It Together!
As part of Gamescom 2021 today, Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming game WarioWare: Get It Together! The company released the latest look at the game this morning along with a charming little introduction from Wario himself, which you can read here It's a clever way to promote it as Wario the[...]
Thunderful & Headup Games Highlight Five Titles At Gamescom 2021
Thunderful Publishing and Headup Games have dropped info on five games they're showing off as part of Gamescom 2021 All five are titles we've talked about in the past as we have the info from both companies down below, but it comes with the added bonus of having free demos for both White Shadows and Crowns & Pawns[...]
We Rundown Everything From Xbox's Gamescom 2021 Livestream
As a preamble to Gamescom 2021, Xbox decided to hold another livestream ahead of the event as they go over many of the plans for the next few months The company ran down a lot of what's going on with Xbox Game Studios and their various studios and developers for everything they got going into[...]
Serin Fate Receives A Release Date & Gamescom 2021 Info
Ahead of Gamescom 2021, developer Vethergen and publisher Crytivo revealed when Serin Fate will be released on Steam The game will be a part of the online version of the annual Germany-based event, as players can check it out parts of the game and see it in Early Access (which it's been out since March[...]
Headup Games Announces Film Noir Platformer White Shadows
Headup Games released an announcement trailer during Gamescom 2020 this week for their film noir platformer White Shadows The game has been made to be a cinematic narrative puzzle platformer where you are told many things about your current society trying to survive a plague Until one day, a young girl decides to venture out[...]
Assemble Entertainment Releases Two New Trailers At Gamescom 2020
During Gamescom 2020, Assemble Entertainment released two new announcement trailer for upcoming games they plan to release The two games are Orbital Bullet and Lacuna, each one bringing their own fun style to their respective genres The first of the two is an action platformer where you'll be running around in a 360-degree environment that[...]
Modus Games Reveals Cris Tales Will Be Released This Fall
Modus Games revealed a brand new trailer for Cris Tales during Gamescom 2020, along with the news that it will be released this Fall This was one of the more interesting titles we saw over the summer as it combined elements of several different RPG titles into a fun looking animated game Now we know[...]
Nacon & Cyanide Studio Announce Blood Bowl 3
During Gamescom 2020, Nacon and Cyanide Studio revealed they will be releasing Blood Bowl 3 sometime in 2021 Bringing the Games Workshop title back for another round of virtual play, the literal fantasy football title will return sometime in 2021 with a lot more at stake If you're not familiar with the series, you play[...]
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Gets A New Gameplay Trailer
During Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2020, WB Games and TT Games revealed a new trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Along with the trailer the company revealed a few new details about the release, including the fact that it will now be released sometime in Spring 2021 for all three major consoles,[...]
Nintendo Direct Main Logo
While there was a lot of speculation about Nintendo being predictable before Gamescom, the company had yet to announce a new Nintendo Direct This is a rarity from them as they usually let people know one or two days ahead of time with the usual, "Hey, this is coming, but we're not telling you what's[...]
Iron Harvest Receives A Brand New Story Trailer Ahead Of Gamescom
Before Deep Silver takes Iron Harvest into the online version of Gamescom 2020, we got a brand new story trailer for the game As we've mentioned before, this game plays a lot off of the RTS board game Scythe The idea behind the game is that shortly after the first World War,  our technology went[...]