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Jeff Parker & Benjamin Dewey Tell a 1969 Vampirella Story from Dynamite
Well, in September, current Vampirella owners and publishers, Dynamite Entertainment, have a story that takes Vampirella back to 1969, as she attempts to thwart an evil sorceress who wants Vampi's own body from Jeff Parker and Benjamin Dewey, as Vampirella: Mindwarp. The conniving Baroness Gruzal already has her ancient crown that bestows her dreadful powers of[...]
Jeff Parker And Drew Moss Create New Comic, Blighter
Whatever the subhead, Blighter is a new comic book being created by Jeff Parker and Drew Moss on Kickstarter and seems to star this handsome tiger fellow as the tracker in question "A bad role model with the stripes to prove it A Monstrous Adventure by Jeff Parker & Drew Moss." You can sign up[...]
Promo Artwork by David Nakayama
Valiant Entertainment has released an early preview — a very early preview— of Ninjak #1, the new series by Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido launching this July In the new series, the masturbating ninja will be jakking it undercover, on the run after the identity of all MI6 agents was compromised We're not going to[...]
John Paul Leon's Family Issue Statement and Fundraiser In His Memory
Donators in the last few hours have included Tom Mason, Walter Simonson, Jim Lee, Micheline Pitt, Rey Armenteros, Chris Ferguson, Kelley Jones, Dave Johnson, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ford Gilmore, Don Cameron, Dennis Calero, David Hahn, George Pratt, Bryan O'Malley, Daniel Zalkus, Dustin Nguyen, Sam Humphries, David Brittingham, Schannan E Rose, David Harper, Paul Reinwand, Jeff Parker,[...]
Jeff Parker Returns To Aquaman At DC Comics For A Drop
Jeff Parker wrote the Aquaman series from DC Comics from issue #26-40 as well as Annual #2 back in 2014 and 2015, before he was replaced by Cullen Bunn and the series then relaunched for DC Rebirth But we hear he is returning to the character in 2021 – though not for a new series. Jeff[...]
Jeff Parker and Javier Pulido Relaunch Ninjak at Valiant Comics
Valiant Comics, the eyebrow-raising darling of the Harvey Awards, has announced a relaunch of Ninjak with writer Jeff Parker and artist Javier Pulido Ninjak, co-created by Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada during Valiant's first run in the nineties, focuses on Colin King, an ex super spy who is about to get his secret life exposed to[...]
James Bond Origin
As part of their deal with Ian Fleming Publications Ltd., the publisher has tapped writer Jeff Parker (Suicide Squad) and artist Bob Q (The Green Hornet) to tell the definitive account of James Bond's exploits during World War II. The series will start this September and takes readers back to March, 1941 Seventeen-year-old James Bond is a restless[...]
Batman '66 Grooves into Archie Comics July 2018 Solicits
Prepare for some psychadelic reading material from Archie this July, as Batman '66 crosses over with Archie under the creative team of Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci, Dan Parent, J Bone, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli. Full details below. ARCHIE HORROR #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php[...]
Flash Gordon
Here we have Flash Gordon #1 by Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner, and Jordie Bellaire. Flash Gordon never fit in on Earth But on the bizarre planet MONGO, Flash's thirst for thrills and daring danger makes him the perfect weapon against world-breaking Ming the Merciless and his awful inter-planetary swarms of terror! Can the cocksure Man From[...]
Josh's Throwback Corner: Overview Of The Red Hulk Series
It had a lot of memorable smackdowns, and the plot was very entertaining. However, it wasn't until Jeff Parker took over that we finally got a decent look into Red Hulk's psyche He was captured by the Hulk and used as an agent by Commander Steve Rogers He dealt with the Scorched Earth protocols of the[...]
Jesse Hamm On Co-Writing And Drawing Flash Gordon: Kings Cross
Jesse Hamm talks to Byron Brewer about Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #4, on sale in February from Dynamite. Cover by Roberto Castro. BYRON BREWER: So, Jesse, as you near the penultimate issue of this series, how fun has it been to work on this wonderfully retro SF piece with Jeff Parker? JESSE HAMM: It's been a blast[...]
Jeff Parker On Telling A Retro Story With Modern Pacing In Flash Gordon: Kings Cross
Jeff Parker continues the story of Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, The Phantom and their friends in Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1, on sale in November from Dynamite He's co-writing the series with Jesse Hamm with art by Grace Allison There will be covers by Roger Langridge, Marc Laming & Grace Allison, Jesse Hamm & Grace Allison,[...]