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Justice League Comics To Get Zack Snyder Cut Covers From DC
There has been some debate as to whether or not the DC Comics Justice League #59 Snyder Cut variant covers announced last week for the comic book's final order cut-off for comic shops, will spoil the HBO Justice League edition known as The Snyder Cut. The comic book Justice League #59 from DC Comics sees writer[...]
Justice League Comics To Get Zack Snyder Cut Covers From DC
But this Sunday is the last chance comic book stores have to increase their orders of the book and guarantee to get copies at that price. As a result, DC Comics has decided to offer special variant covers by Jim Lee, Liam Sharp and Lee Bermejo based on the upcoming Snyder Cut of the Justice League[...]
DC Comics Sells Batman #100 Direct to Comic Stores
Could this be another shoe dropping? DC Comics has a 'Team Variant' cover for Batman #100 by Lee Bermejo in his Batman: Damned style This cover features art by Bermejo, depicting a battle between Batman and the Joker But it won't be available to comic book stores through any of their distributors, Diamond UK, UCS[...]
The Joker Concept Design Statue from Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studios and Sideshow Collectibles have announced a new Joker Statue from the talented mind of Lee Bermejo This artist has done some amazing work with graphic novels over the year including the 2008 Joker graphic novel This time Lee brings the Joker alive with a concept design statue piece from Prime 1 Studios[...]
We also get art books from Jim Lee and Lee Bermejo, as well as the second volume of Stan Lee's DC Universe titles And thanks to Penguin Random House and Edelweiss catalogues. We are also glad to see the two-issue Mindy Newell/Gray Morrow Lois Lane series get reprinted in DC's Greatest Detective Stories Ever Told[...]
Will DC Comics Ever Publish Lee Bermejo: Inside, On Dark Ground Hardcover in English?
Last year, Urban Comics, a DC Comics licensor in France, published a hardcover gallery of Lee Bermejo's work for DC Comics It included finished art, sketches, work in progress alongside extensive interviews with Lee Bermejo and his colleagues, including writers, colourists, publishers and friends, telling the stories behind the scenes of his work on Batman[...]
Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo Working Together Again – But Not at DC Comics?
Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo have been one of the more perfect creative pairings With perennial sellers for DC Comics such the Luthor and Joker collections, the Rorschach chapter of Before Watchmen getting a new boost from the TV show, and the recent release of the collected Batman Damned topping the charts, they should be[...]
Lee Bermejo on the Origins of Batman Damned and Not Wanting to Draw Guns, at #NYCC
Comic book creator Lee Bermejo talked on panel yesterday at New York Comic Con about his work and his process, at the New York Comic Con Artist on books such as Joker, Before Watchmen: Rorschach,  Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, the recent Batman Damned, and writer/artist on Suiciders and Batman: Noel, his work gained infamy when a[...]
Lee Bermejo
DC has released a new DC Comics Art Academy with artist Lee Bermejo The Art Academy's take place during conventions where artist sit down in front of a crowd and does a sketch while being interviewed by a host Bermejo, who started at Wildstorm in 1997 as part of their internship program He is  the artist[...]
Duke Thomas Is The Lead For DC's We Are Robin
USA Today is today's DC media partner, to announce details on the upcoming We Are Robin series, part of June's DC mini-relaunch by Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph. Including who is going to be in it. Duke Thomas, an African-American kid who's played an important role recently in the main Batman series, as he's indoctrinated into this new[...]