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FazeClan Partners With Nanoleaf For Limited Edition Lines Smarter Kit
FaZeClan announced a new partnership with Nanoleaf this past week, as the two have come together for a limited branded edition of lights The two brands have come together for the Limited Edition Lines Smarter Kit, which, as you can see from the images below, is painted black and red with the esports organization's logo[...]
Nanoleaf Shows Off Multiple Smart Home Items For CES 2023
Nanoleaf had a number of items to show off during CES 2023, as they presented multiple options for smart home lighting you can program The company revealed some awesome items that can be incorporated into both home and gamer life as they have a new Nanoleaf 4D light for television displays, new sense controls for[...]
CORSAIR Partners With Nanoleaf For New iCUE Integration
CORSAIR revealed a new partnership with Nanoleaf this week, as the two will intergrade the iCUE system with the lighting system Working together to unite the two technologies, you'll now be able to program the system of LED light panels and more with iCUE, so that your light react with games as well as match[...]
Nanoleaf Reveals The New Screen Mirror Light Panels
This morning, Nanoleaf introduced their latest addition to their array of light panels with their new Screen Mirror lights This is a brand new setting that works with the app to create a reflection of light on your Light Panels and Nanoleaf Canvas As you can see from the images below, the new system is[...]
Review: Nanoleaf Dodecahedron Remote
A while ago we received the Nanoleaf's Light Panels for review and had a lot of fun basically replacing an entire room's worth of lights with just nine LED panels The company had a curious looking accessory to add to the mix in the form of a Nanoleaf Remote, which was in the shape of[...]
Lighting For Any Gaming Occasion as We Review Nanoleaf's Light Panels
It's not every day you wake up to a FedEx guy delivering you a new lighting system for review, but that's what we got a few weeks back from Nanoleaf You may have seen these lovely Light Panels show up in the background of some of your favorite Youtube and Twitch feeds and not know[...]