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Little Cities Receives New Promo Trailer For 2022 Release
Publisher nDreams revealed some development news on Little Cities as the release has been pushed back a few weeks The company sent out this statement below letting fans know that they would not be making the original deadline, and instead, would have to push the game back to mid-May 2022. Together with Meta, we have decided[...]
Sushi Ben Announced For Several VR Platforms
Big Brane Studios and nDreams announced that they are working on another VR title as Sushi Ben is coming to multiple platforms This particular title is a narrative adventure in which you will be taking on the role of a sushi chef who will set out on a quest to save your favorite Sushi restaurant[...]
Fracked Will Be The Next Upcoming PSVR Exclusive Title
VR publisher nDreams announced today that they will be bringing their action game Fracked over to several PC VR platforms in May Previously the game had been tied down as a PlayStation exclusive, but it appears that deal has finally run out as the company is looking to bring the game over to HTC Vive[...]
Little Cities Is Coming To VR Quest Platforms This Month
Publisher nDreams announced today that they will be releasing their VR city planner game Little Cities onto Quest platforms in April This is literally the coziest city game as you will have the ability to basically make small cities across a crop of islands without all of the chaos you would normally have from games[...]
Little Cities Receives New Promo Trailer For 2022 Release
The wife/husband team at Purple Yonder and publisher nDreams released a new trailer for their upcoming game Little Cities this week If you haven't had a chance to check this one out yet, it was announced back in October as a relaxing city builder, which is being created exclusively for Oculus Quest 2 It is[...]
Fracked Will Be The Next Upcoming PSVR Exclusive Title
The folks at nDreams have revealed that they will be bringing Fracked to the PSVR as the latest exclusive to the VR unit You play as a reluctant hero who is stuck deep inside a remote mountain facility against an unseen enemy from below You're forced into a final stand between the planet and the[...]
"Phantom: Covert Ops" Will Be An Oculus Exclusive In June 2020
This week, nDreams revealed that their upcoming VR first-person stealth game Phantom: Covert Ops will be released as an Oculus exclusive this summer The news should come as no surprise to anyone considering Oculus Studios are the ones producing the game But it will be on the Oculus Quest and Rift platforms and will support[...]
"Phantom: Covert Ops" Receives A New Launch Date
Oculus and nDreams announced this week that their upcoming game Phantom: Covert Ops has received a brand new release date Both companies announced that the game will now launch in 2020 on Quest and Rift, but did not give any specifics of a quarter or season beyond that information We have some extra pieces of[...]
PSVR Game Shooty Fruity Has Not One But Two PSX Trailers for You
Credit// nDreams nDreams and Near Light put out not one, but two brand new trailers for Shooty Fruity at PSX this year The first trailer is a nice general preview trailer for the PSVR game that promises to be one hell of an interesting ride, while the other is a live-action experience that, well[...]