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Prisoners of the Ghostland: Bill Moseley Talks Film and Nicolas Cage
I spoke to the actor about his upcoming movie Prisoners of the Ghostland about how he got involved in the project, working with Sono, reuniting with co-star Nicolas Cage, and the peculiar inspiration behind his character The Governor The film follows a notorious criminal who must break an evil curse in order to rescue an[...]
Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - CinemaCon poster
Lionsgate released their latest wide poster for their upcoming self-aware comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent that stars Nicolas Cage as a fictionalized version of himself who is cash-strapped agreeing to make a paid appearance at a billionaire super fan's birthday party Cage goes uncover for the CIA as an informant since the superfan[...]
Nicholas Cage's Prisoners Of Ghostland Teaser Ahead Of Trailer Release
Nicolas Cage has a new film called Prisoners of the Ghostland out September 17th in theaters and VOD, and after a tease was released yesterday, the full, bonkers trailer is here The film is the English language directorial debut for Sion Sono and also stars Bill Moseley and Sofia Boutella[...]
Nicholas Cage's Prisoners Of Ghostland Teaser Ahead Of Trailer Release
Nicolas Cage has a new film called Prisoners of the Ghostland out September 17th in theaters and VOD, and this afternoon a teaser was released ahead of a full trailer tomorrow The film is the English language directorial debut for Sion Sono and also stars Bill Moseley and Sofia Boutella As for what the RLJE Films[...]
'National Treasure' Series With Latina Lead Greenlit At Disney+
Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence in Disney's National Treasure film is a meme of the past. Disney+ has recently greenlit a series of the same name, but this time the diversity of the cast is set to be expanded with the addition of a Latina lead The lead character, whose name will be Jess Morales, is[...]
Willy’s Wonderland Dir Kevin Lewis Talks Nicolas Cage, Title Change
star Nicolas Cage, it turns out to be a huge squandered opportunity even with the bar set as low as can be. Nicolas Cage as Janitor in Willy's Wonderland (2021) Image courtesy of Foresight Unlimited/Screen Media Films So the story starts off with an isolated Midwest town with a shutdown amusement-themed restaurant called Willy's Wonderland, which really[...]
“Face/Off” Reboot in Development from Paramount
Simon Barrett and I are writing a direct SEQUEL! :) :)" The sequel will be produced by Neal Moritz and executive produced by David Permut. // Paramount Pictures Face/Off (1997) Plot Synopsis The original film starred John Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer, who chases his child's killer and adversary, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), a wanted international terrorist-for-hire[...]
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Hardly one to miss such an opportunity as golden as this, Nicolas Cage is looking to bust heads with some knowledge about the English language's most notorious vernacular for the upcoming Netflix limited series The History of Swear Words It's a title I'm sure the late comedian George Carlin would be "more than happy" to[...]
Raising Arizona: Alison Pill and Zachary Levi Lead Charity Table Read
Proceeds will benefit Covenant House, founded in 1972 to shelter and care for young people facing homelessness, according to Indiewire. Holly Hunter as Ed, Nicolas Cage as H.I in Raising Arizona (1987) Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios Taking on the Nicolas Cage role of H.I McDunnough with be Shazam! star Zachary Levi with Star Trek: Picard's[...]
Jiu Jitsu – Alain Moussi Talks Cast Camaraderie, Bond with Director
He also directed the star in the 2018 film. Nicolas Cage as Wylie and Alain Moussi as Jake in Jiu Jitsu (2020) Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures/The Avenue Entertainment When it came to his Jiu Jitsu co-stars, Moussi sounded like he made the best of friends with all of them "What's great is that we have chemistry[...]
Jiu Jitsu – Alain Moussi Talks Cast Camaraderie, Bond with Director
One of the fishermen is Wylie (Nicolas Cage), a wise hermit who has plenty of stories to tell After being dropped off at a local U.S Army base, Jake is discovered to have short term amnesia, not knowing who he is and what he's doing All the typical cliché's withstanding; he bonds with his interrogation[...]
Jiu Jitsu: Mortal Kombat Meets Predator in Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Action
"I thought it'd be pretty cool and so I talked to my writing partner, Jim McGrath, and so I said, 'why don't we write a comic book?'" When McGrath asked how he wanted to tackle it, Logothetis laid out his vision. Nicolas Cage as Wylie in Jiu Jitsu (2020) Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures/The Avenue Entertainment "Do[...]
Willy’s Wonderland Dir Kevin Lewis Talks Nicolas Cage, Title Change
If there's anyone who can handle the sadistic animatronic terrors that occupy a theme park, it's the tour de force himself Nicolas Cage whose world's about to get a lot smaller in Willy's Wonderland The Oscar-winner plays a drifter hired as a janitor who gets a lot more than he bargains for when tasked to[...]
Fantastic Four: Nicolas Cage as Original Dr. Doom, Concept Art Shows
Before Nicolas Cage set the big screen on fire as Johnny Blaze in the Ghost Rider films, he was set to be Dr Victor Von Doom in Fox's 2005 release of The Fantastic Four before being replaced by Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon That is, according to Ryan Unicomb, the Australian filmmaker behind the upcoming Justice League:[...]
Jiu Jitsu: Mortal Kombat Meets Predator in Nicolas Cage Sci-Fi Action
Cross off "martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy action" if you had that for your next genre on your Nicolas Cage film type off your bingo card In what can easily pass for a standard 90s dystopian cyberpunk setting any Canon Films fan would be proud of, Jiu Jitsu comes from the minds of director Dimitri Logothetis[...]
Dear Marvel; Make the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider Films Canon You Cowards
So now it's time to pull the trigger on another character that has appeared on the big screen in a one-off, two technically, that could be easily slid into Marvel Cinematic Universe canon; Ghost Rider. Nicolas Cage starred in Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance in 2007 and 2011, respectively These were movies that likely would have[...]
Tiffany Haddish
The film stars Nicolas Cage, who plays a fictionalized version of himself on the verge of financial ruin when he accepts a $1 million offer from a superfan (Pedro Pascal) where things might not be all that they seem To save himself and his loved ones, "Cage" will have to use all of the abilities[...]
The story of Joe Exotic continues with The Tiger King and I, courtesy of Netflix.
Only in the year that is 2020 could Netflix's (I guess you could call it "true crime doc"???) Tiger King result in one person who a large number of people believe killed her husband by feeding him to a tiger becoming a contestant on a popular "celebrity" dance competition series, while the other would be[...]
December 16, 2019: Kate McKinnon wearing dress by Harry Halim attends Bombshell special screening at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Editorial credit: lev radin /
If that's not confusing enough, there are two high-profile scripted series adaptations in the works, one stars Nicolas Cage in the title role The NBCU series will be penned by Etan Frankel and based on the Wondery podcast The limited series is based on the true events following Carole Baskin (McKinnon), a big cat enthusiast,[...]
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: Pedro Pascal Joins Film
Add The Mandalorian star, Pedro Pascal, as the latest to join overly indulgent film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, because Being Nicolas Cage is just too bland a title The Wrap confirmed Pascal will play Javi, a Cage superfan who is not that he appears to be The Oscar winner will play a fictionalized[...]
Nicolas Cage is set to play Joe Exotic in a Tiger King-based limited series, courtesy of Joe Exotic.
In what can best be described as possibly one of the best decisions to come out of our current state of social distancing and self-isolating, Variety is reporting exclusively that The Greatest Actor of All Time Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas) has been tapped to star in a scripted series based on the life of[...]
"Wally's Wonderland": "Party of Five" Actor Emily Tosta Joins Genre Thriller
Emily Tosta (Party of Five, Mayans M.C.), is the latest to join star Nicolas Cage in the genre thriller Wally's Wonderland Directed by Kevin Lewis (The Drop) and written by G.O Parsons, the film focuses on a janitor, played by Cage, who finds himself way in over his head attempting to clean up the amusement[...]
Nicolas Cage to Fight a Theme Park of Horrors in “Wally’s Wonderland”
Nicolas Cage, the one-man tour-de-force, is set to star in Wally's Wonderland Directed by Kevin Lewis (The Drop), Cage will play a janitor forced to spend the night in an amusement park, according to Deadline Hollywood Getting far more than he bargained for, he discovers the park's more sinister nature within the confines of a[...]
“Face/Off” Reboot in Development from Paramount
The 1997 film starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as Los Angeles FBI agent Sean Archer and international terrorist Castor Troy, respectively, who end up trading identities. // Paramount Pictures Face/Off follows Archer, who personally invested himself in the pursuit of Troy following Troy's murder of his son in a botched assassination attempt Following Troy's capture and[...]
Nicolas Cage to Co-Star in Sci-Fi Martial Arts Film 'Jiu Jitsu'
Nicolas Cage, ever the renaissance man, is set to star in Dimitri Logothetis' science fiction martial arts movie Jiu Jitsu. Nicholas Cage, Photo by Denis Makarenko / Logothetis will write, direct, and produce the film based on the comic book of the same name he created with Jim McGrath  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cage will[...]
Richard Stanley to Adapt Lovecraft’s Color Out of Space
Lovecraft's classic novella The Colour Out of Space, and he's brought Nicolas Cage with him. Full disclosure: I know Richard Stanley – I first met him when he was fighting Harvey Weinstein over his second movie Dust Devil and was putting together his Director's Cut Everyone knows about his getting pushed out of directing The Island[...]
Teen Titans Go! to the movies
Nicolas Cage will finally get to play Superman The actor will voice the superhero in the upcoming animated feature-length Teen Titans GO!  To The Movies film This has to be a dream come true for him- he famously named his son Kal-El after Clark Kent's Kryptonian birth name He once owned one of the more[...]
looking glass nic cage
Jason chats with Tim Hunter (Riverdale, Mad Men, The River's Edge), director of Looking Glass, a new thriller starring Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage, Robin Tunney, and Marc Blucas about a man who discovers that the motel he just bought contains a strange hidden hallway that lets him spy on the hotel's guests, leading to[...]
That last part didn't work out, but Woo did directed it with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, giving us Face/Off It seemed like such a good idea at the time, I even went and saw it in the theater. The Screen Junkies just took a look at it for an Honest Trailer and it's just as insane[...]
Nicolas Cage Was Asked To Be Mr. Wednesday In American Gods
Speaking to the LA Times, Nicolas Cage was approached about the role of Mr Wednesday When asked why he hasn't made the jump to TV like a lot of Hollywood's finest, he said: You know, it's a good point and I've been invited many times to go on a show, one of which was on Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"[...]