Marvel Contest Of Champions Celebrates 2 Years With Parody Short

Marvel's Contest of Champions mobile game is having their two year anniversary and to celebrate they have put together this animated short featuring a mock talk show hosted by the Collector himself. It's a silly little video that shows off the games features, characters and has a lot of inside jokes for the folks who […]

Reaction: Jean Grey Is NOT Resurrecting

By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent  Which is to say, as much as there were probably many a fan hoping for the return of the adult Jean Grey to the Marvel Universe, now dead for around 12 years, ResurrXion's upcoming new Jean Grey solo series is in fact starring teen Jean. Which I […]

What's The Big Stigma About Kickstarter? Josh Blaylock Talks At Phoenix Comicon

Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool – I have heard Josh Blaylock described as one of the hardest working people in comics. Between being the publisher of DDP, writing his own comics, managing a merger with 1First Comics, and a breakneck tour schedule, it is surprising that he ever gets a […]

All 440 Cosplay Shots From A Weekend Of Phoenix Comicon

It was hot. Damn hot. But Matthew Barta and SaraJean Greenaway of Nerd Team 30 took so many cosplay photos for Bleeding Cool from Phoenix Comicon that we had to compile them all in one massive post… See yourself? Let us know in the comments! All photos taken by Neil Greenaway and Matthew Barta See Thursday/Friday […]

Taking Cousin Harold To Phoenix Comicon With Denny Ricelli

Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool  Denny Ricelli is the Arizona comic creator responsible for Cousin Harold and Comics Never Stop. He also has a new action figure / comic line called Space Monstas debuting at Phoenix Comic Con. I had a chance to sit down and talk to Denny (also […]

Phoenix Comicon Apologises For Heated Lines

Photo by Jay Boni. Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool – It gets hot in Phoenix. On Friday, it reached all the way up to 113 degrees. So the attendees of Phoenix Comicon 2016 were understandably upset when the registration line to enter the convention was moved outside, with people having […]

No, Chris Gore, Wet Hot American Summer Did Not Win A Peabody Award…

SaraJean Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool- It was the first night of Phoenix Comic Con on Thursday. It's a short night for the convention, the floor is only open 5 hours and there is not a whole lot going on. Luckily for us with Bleeding Cool, we ran into Chris Gore […]

165 Cosplay Photos From Phoenix Comicon, At 113 Degrees Farenheit

SaraJean Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool- The cosplay fans in Phoenix never cease to amaze me. Friday's high temperature was a record setting 113 degrees and the cosplayers as well as the fans came out in droves. Most of them even managed to smile as they were having photos taken. Here […]

Talking With Holy N*ck Marino At Phoenix Comic Con

Neil Greenaway writes for Bleeding Cool from last week's Phoenix Comic Con, where he spoke to Nick Marino, Bleeding Cool: Why don't we start with you telling us a little about yourself and your book. Nick Marino: Ok. The company I am here with is Action Lab: Danger Zone. Actually, its Action Lab Entertainment's mature […]

Phoenix/Laughing Ogre In Lansdowne, Virginia Closes

The closure of a comic store doesn't always make headline news. This may be an exception, however, as Laughing Ogre in Lansdowne is owned and managed by Gary Dills, the retailer who stepped down from ComicsPRO as Treasurer over accusations of financial impropriety, that ComicsPRO told its members he had confessed to. At the time […]

ComicsPRO Treasurer Resigns Over 'Certain Financial Improprieties'

Last night, comic retailer trade organisation ComicsPRO posted on their Facebook page: ComicsPRO, the Comic Book Industry retail trade organization, is currently investigating the possible misuse or misappropriation of corporate funds by a former Board member. Thomas Gaul, the organization President, was recently made aware of the potential abuse. He moved to quickly inform the Board […]

When Kitty Pryde Picked Up The Idiot Ball

There's a phrase I've mostly heard screenwriters for television use, the "idiot ball", where in order to make a plot work in the the time you have, one of your characters, previously established as being intelligent, has to be an idiot for a few pages. They have to hold the "idiot ball", before dropping it […]

Phoenix Comic Launches App, With Free Issue. You Know, For Kids.

Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly praising Phoenix Comic, a weekly anthology comic for kids sold in Britain. Indeed we've suggested that if you know kids in the UK that don;'read Phoenix, it's tantamount to neglect not to let them read Phoenix. Well now I'm taking that international. As Phoenix Comic has launched a newiOS  app, […]

The Best Comic Book Present You Can Give Children This Christmas

The Phoenix Weekly comic book is, basically, the best comic book ever created for children. Better than The Eagle, better then Tiger, better than early 2000AD, better thanArchie Comics, better than Adventure Time and, yes, better than My Little Pony. An anthology with a massive range of comics and comic styles, all creted by extremely […]

The Phoenix Zombie Walk

Alex Wilson writes for Bleeding Cool; Phoenix Zombie Walk took place Saturday, October 27th, and this was the fourth year for the event. The event has evolved into more than just an average zombie walk to more of a zombie state fair with retailers, food, live music, and a fun family friendly area. The walk […]