X-Men: Red #2 cover by Travis Charest

X-Men Red #2 Review: Holding on to Hope as the Quality Remains High

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] A mutant named Trinary is being held by the Indian government. She contacts Jean Grey and her team, who are hiding out in Wakanda after the death of the UK ambassador. Naturally, the X-Men agree to help Trinary. X-Men Red is holding together. The first issue showed great promise, and, while #2 isn't quite […]

Phoenix Resurrection 5

X-Men: Bland Design – A Beloved Character Returns and Dies Again in Shocking Phoenix Resurrection #5 Twist

We make no promises about the use of your time, however.This week we've got Phoenix Resurrection #5, All-New Wolverine #30, Despicable Deadpool #293, Old Man Logan #34, and Jean Grey #11, but we're starting things off with Phoenix Resurrection #5:Phoenix Resurrection #5 Writer: Matty Rosenberg Artists: Leinil Francis Yu and Joe Bennett Inkers: Gerry Alanguilan and Belardino Brabo Colorist:[...]

Phoenix Resurrection

X-Men: Bland Design – Marvel's Shipping Preferences Revealed in Phoenix Resurrection #4

We make no promises about the use of your time, however.This week, we've got Phoenix: Resurrection #4, X-Men Blue #20, X-Men: Blue Annual #1, and Legion #1 We'll kick things off with Phoenix Resurrection...Phoenix Resurrection #4 Writer: Matty Rosenberg Artist: Ramon Rosanas Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Travis Lanham Damage: $3.99In the previous issue, the X-Men had traveled to New Mexico[...]

X-Men: Bland Design – The Power of Butte Love in Phoenix: Resurrection #3

Despicable Deadpool #292, Old Man Logan #33, X-Men Blue #19, Cable #153, and X-Men Gold Annual #1, and Phoenix: Resurrection #3 Total cover price: $25 Total time it would take you to read those decompressed stories? Probably shorter than it took to read this introduction So technically, you won't be saving any time by reading[...]

X-Men Gold Annual #1 cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, and Chris Sotomayor

X-Men Gold Annual #1 Review: Visiting the Britain Family

The five of them have a connection thanks to their Excalibur days, and the three X-Men are eager to see Brian and Meggan’s child.Meanwhile, Starhammer, an alien whose species was wiped out by the Dark Phoenix, has an axe to grind with Rachel, current Prestige and former Phoenix.In a back-up story, a girl and her[...]

Phoenix Resurrection Review

Phoenix Resurrection #1 Review: A Powerful, Quirky Start

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1 from Marvel Comics and by Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Francis Yu comes out in December.Just so you know, for this review I will be remaining spoiler free, so don't expect to learn anything about the actual events of this book But I will answer the question that[...]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis's List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion.Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]

Phoenix Variants

Marvel Unveils First 10 Of The Phoenix Variant Covers Coming In December

We mentioned there'd be a Phoenix variant cover scheme coming in December to tie in with the release of Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey (you know, the adult one), written by now Marvel Exclusive Matthew Rosenberg and with art by Leinil Francis Yu.[caption id="attachment_716751" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Amazing Spider-Man cover by Ryan Stegman[/caption]Well, Marvel[...]

Matthew Rosenberg Goes Marvel Exclusive, Is Still Matty From The Block

Bleeding Cool also broke the news that Rosenberg's book would be called Phoenix Resurrection with Lenil Francis Yu, bringing Jean Grey back from the dead Marvel officially confirmed Bleeding Cool's scoop today by announcing that very book.Additionally, Rosenberg will now be a Marvel EXCLUSIVE creator Rosenberg posted on Twitter:, for those worried that the indie[...]

phoenix marvel legacy

OK, It Seems Pretty Obvious Who Returns In Marvel Legacy Now – But How, And Why?

Spoilers ahead, and potential spoilers too I guess, so if you want to remain completely unspoiled and fresh, don't read further.Oh, and probably don't read the New York Times or look at social media or watch TV from Monday, September 25th onwards.We theorised that the returning character was in fact the Phoenix, and likely the[...]

Avengers Vs X-Men

Avengers Vs X-Men Are In The Marvel TL;DR Spotlight

this involved Hope Summers using the Phoenix Force, with the help of Scarlet Witch, to recreate a boatload of mutants.. thus creating a redemption arc for Scarlet Witch and turning Cyclops into a murderer Which means that he will be redeemed in an upcoming event series coming soon.This week's Marvel TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)[...]

Generations: The Phoenix

Generations: The Phoenix Review: A Fun Story, But Seemingly Inconsequential Overall

Or is she?[caption id="attachment_655260" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Generations: The Phoenix cover by Stephanie Hans[/caption]This issue is the crux of the story of Generations: The Phoenix by Cullen Bunn Certainly, Rich posted his own article discussing what he felt the issue meant for Jean Grey's history, but I have a slightly different take.[caption id="attachment_697741" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Art[...]

Marvel Legacy Sneak Peek – Odin, Phoenix And The 1,000,000 BC Avengers

Marvel continues to push their Marvel Legacy initiative, an event that Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, "No character, no franchise will be untouched by the game-changing events that play out across its pages." Part of that includes introducing the 1,000,000 BC Avengers that include Odin, Iron Fist, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, Agamotto and Black Panther[...]

Jean Grey #3 Review: A Tighter, More Focused Story

I’m still a bit wary of the amount of guest stars this book has lined up, as the Odinson has already been promised for next issue.That being said, Jean Grey #3 surprised me with how much better it is at spotlighting its nominal star by using the ever-arrogant, ever-aggressive Namor as a foil to her.Jean Grey[...]

Diamond Select Brings MARVELOUS Ironheart And Phoenix Statues To SDCC

After announcing some of their other exclusives already, they have now shown off two more offerings, and they are magnificent.First up: Dark Phoenix One of the best sculpts they have done on one of these statues, I love that Jean is paired with the Phoenix, and the sculpt on the Phoenix is great Jean herself[...]

Phoenix Comicon Rival To Install Metal Detectors At Its First Show Next Year

Outlaw Comicon, the wannabe rival to Phoenix Comicon, operating out of the same Phoenix Convention Center next year has seemingly taken advantage of the arrest at the show this year of a man who had evaded security, armed to the teeth, intending to murder a celebrity guest and as many police as he could.As a[...]

CON ERR: One Attendee's View Of Phoenix Comicon

As this year’s Phoenix Comicon drew close, the excitement of my friends grew as their respective fandoms would be well represented and they would have the opportunity to show off their costumes, props, and meet friends they may have not seen since the last con they attended It is an event that surpasses and exceeds[...]

The List Of Objects Banned At Phoenix Comicon – What To Do With Your Proton Packs up a report of a man arrested at Phoenix Comicon for carrying real weapons, with a subsequent ban on a number of cosplay items, the official ban list has now been increased and solidified Phoenix Comicon director Matthew Solberg gives Bleeding Cool their new guidelines: Please arrive with plenty of time[...]

Bill Willingham's Lark's Killer, Previewed At Phoenix Comicon For $20

The first brand new comic created by Willingham since Fables.And those at Phoenix Comicon can get a 33 page preview of what's in store with the Lark's Killer 2017 Phoenix Comicon preview for $20 at booths 647,746, AA1613.Those lucky enough to pick up a copy, let us know more... Lark’s Killer by Bill Willingham and Mark Dos[...]