MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever

This week sees the publication of Avengers #42, the comic book series currently written by Jason Aaron. The comic has already made major changes to Marvel Comics history, creating the Avengers of One Million BC, giving us a future Old Man Phoenix Logan, bringing back the Star Brand in baby form, and establishing the Boy Thing as its nanny. It is also setting up Heroes Reborn in May, a world in which the Avengers never existed, after revealing that Mephisto was there at every stage of the Marvel Earth's four billion years, and well into the far future, manipulating major events – even the very existence of an Avengers team at many times in its history. But this? This is the big one. They are messing with major canon. And we are going to need one of these.

MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever

You have been warned. Because this week's Avengers #42 has really done it now. We've already seen it established in previous Avengers and Thor comics by Aaron that Thor's father Odin had it away with the embodiment of the Phoenix force, a million years ago. The Phoenix force that would one day possess Jean Grey of the X-Men. A comic book story that would make the X-Men what they are today. And inspired some repeatedly underwhelming movies.

MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever
Credit: Marvel

A love that blazed for millennia. Or at least a good few cosmic spurts.

MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever
Credit: Marvel

And a love that even when it burnt to ashes, could be renewed in his heart at a moment's thought. That is what it is for a God to love the Phoenix.

MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever

And amidst all his wives, none burned like the Phoenix.

MAJOR SPOILERS For Avengers #42, Changing Thor's History Forever
Credit: Marvel

But what made their love so, so special? Bleeding Cool has been tipped off over what's coming and, yes, this really is your last chance for one of these.

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Enough. Here's what we will discover in Avengers #42. That Phoenix is not only the past love of Odin, father of Thor. But the Phoenix force is also the mother of Thor. And that is why Odin holds onto the memory so.

In the sixties, when Marvel first started publishing Thor comic books, it was established that Frigga – sometimes spelt Freya – was the wife of Odin, as Thor's mother. Based on both Frigg and Freyja of Norse mythology, she was played by Rene Russo in the Thor and Avengers movies. In the eighties, however, the comics revealed that she was  Thor's step-mother and that that Gaea, goddess of the Earth, was Thor's biological mother.

And now? In Avengers #42, that's all been thrown out again, with Thor's mother revealed to be the Phoenix Force itself. You know, Thor was originally meant to have red hair and a red beard. Since Phoenix hosts are usually redheads, maybe it's time for him to stop with the bleach?

Find out more on Wednesday. And if Jane Foster does become the new Phoenix as we speculated, that could be a little bit weird, right? There's a preview of Avengers #42 right here.

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Luca Maresca (CA) Leinil Francis Yu
Who will wield the destructive cosmic power of the Phoenix Force? Namor will stop at nothing to be the fiery victor. The Black Panther worries as much about victory as he does defeat. Jane Foster knows what it means to carry on a powerful legacy. The She-Hulk cannot be stopped. And the Orb has a giant, creepy eyeball for a head! Rated T+In Shops: Feb 03, 2021 SRP: $3.99

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