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Lightyear Gets A Super Cool Early Bird ReAction Kit From Super7
Lightyear is hitting theaters in a couple of weeks, and in one of the coolest announcements in the lead-up to the film, Super7 has revealed a really cool Early Bird ReAction figure kit for the film Playing off the Early Bird kit from Kenner and Star Wars in the '70s, this set includes first cracks[...]
three mile island
The docuseries failed to lay out how to tell this story in the right way, without going for the easy fearful reactions as if it is trying to be at the same level as the horrific events and secrecy of Chernobyl Nothing was shown at the time in the first or second episode as to[...]
The Lost Boys Return With New Super7 ReAction David Figures
They recently announced that there are two figures of David coming to ReAction, both a human and vampire edition They were kind enough to send them over to show you guys and girls, and let me tell you, not only are they two of the best ReAction figures so far, but they have me jonesing[...]
Bruce Lee Ultimates & ReAction Figures COming From Super7
The company announced the new partnership this afternoon, stating that both ReAction and Ultimates figures will be coming, with the first two Ultimates figures going up for order this Thursday The first two Ultimates figures will be "The Challenger," Bruce in his iconic yellow jumpsuit, and the other is him in his kung fu outfit,[...]
Universal Monsters Get A Sweet New ReAction Wave From Super7
Universal Monsters and ReAction go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Super7 knows this We get all sorts of figures in this line, but the homages they do are the things that really set it apart This new four-figure wave, featuring the Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, The Mummy, and Frankenstein, is[...]
Bleeding Cool Top 10 Figures For 2021- Jeremy's Picks: Lots Of NECA
Throw in that he can grip his controls and that you can house all the extra parts in his body, and this is the best Legends figure of the year by far. Credit Super7 GI Joe ReAction Figures When Super7 let us know they would be making GI Joe figures, the first thing I hoped for was ReAction[...]
TMNT Mirage ReAction Figure Set Coming From Super7, Previews Exclusive
A surprise TMNT Mirage Studios ReAction figure box set went up for order today from Super7 as a Previews Exclusive The set includes all four Turtles in their Mirage days get-ups, meaning all red bands Each comes with their respective weapons and, of course, a slice of pizza These are also color variants of the[...]
Godzilla Is Coming To Super7 Starting This Summer
The first release will come this summer in the form of a ReAction figure, and in 2022 we will see Godzilla join their mega-popular Ultimates line They also will produce merch, including apparel and accessories The sky is the limit as far as Super7 is concerned; there is nothing they are not willing to try[...]
Super7 Reveals Wave 2 TMNT ReAction Figures, Avai
Super7 has revealed their second wave of TMNT ReAction figures, and they are spectacular Six figures make up this wave, and all have pretty amazing, well everything The sculpts are incredible, the cardbacks are perfect, and the balance of Turtles, allies, and villains is great The TMNT cardback art is by Turbopork, and man do[...]
Super7 Red Dawn ReAction figures are now on sale.
Red Dawn ReAction figures are now on sale from Super7 One of the iconic films from the '80s, these are certainly a dream come true for fans of the film Super7's Brian Flynn has often talked about how these were a pet project for himself, and thankfully we can buy them too The figures are[...]
Universal Monsters Super7 Figures Are Here for Halloween  
Super7 and it brings a lead in the figure department with their newest ways of Super7 Universal Monsters ReAction figures There will be six figures coming this way, with Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Revenge of the Creature, the Invisible Man, Dracula, and last but not least the Phantom of the Opera All these figures featuring[...]
Super7 SDCC Collage
Are you a fan of their ReAction figures? Who am I kidding — we all are Check out their Star Wars Kenner Hammerhead Alien tribute figure Misfits fans can grab their new glow in the dark Fiend figure Planet of the Apes gets a wicked cool playset for their ReAction figures. Aside form that, Iron Maiden[...]
Planet of the Apes ReAction Figures Coming From Super7
Planet of the Apes ReAction figures are finally (officially) on their way from the awesome folks at Super7 The first wave will feature six figures, all on vintage style cardbacks featuring art by Ed Repka Each will have five points of articulation, and some will have an accessory The six figures are: Cornelius with scroll, Dr[...]
Alfred Hitchcock and Nosferatu Join The ReAction Line
Alfred Hitchcock and Nosferatu are the latest icons to join the ReAction figure line from Super7 Modeled after the Kenner toys of old, these figures feature five points of articulation, limited accessories, and vintage-style cardbacks They are part of the ReAction Halloween Series They are available right now in the Super7 store. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]