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Adult Swim/April Fools' Day
series finale film recently wrapped production… could that be an option? And we definitely wouldn't complain if we got something new from Zach Hadel & Michael Cusack's Smiling Friends. Image: Adult Swim Screencap 11:35 pm ET: So my program guide lists "To Be Announced" from 12-12:15 am ET & 12:15-12:30 am ET After that, we have Space[...]
smiling friends
Smiling Friends' co-creator & writer, as well as the voice for Charlie and Glep, Zach Hadel, recently posted a call for storyboard artists on his social media to work on the second season The Adult Swim series got the green light for a second season back in February 2022, and many fans (waving my hand[...]
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And it's brought in an impressive line-up of friends to help make its case, including Rick and Morty, Eric Andre, Robot Chicken, The Boondocks, Smiling Friends, King of the Hill, Bob's Burgers, Futurama, YOLO, Metalocalypse, and more. Image: Adult Swim Screencaps So from getting into the holiday spirit to the importance of family at this time of[...]
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And they've enlisted our dimension-hopping duo along with Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, Smiling Friends, Robot Chicken, and The Boondocks to help demonstrate their point. Image: Adult Swim Screencap So to see why Adult Swim is thankful for family, food, the gift of song, and (of course) The President of the United States of America (and[...]
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Along with some fresh new music & cutting-edge comedy, fans of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Smiling Friends will be learning more about what's ahead for both animated series But we would be lying if we said that we weren't focusing on what we learn about the sixth season of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick[...]
Rick and Morty, Run The Jewels & More: Adult Swim Block Party Schedule
But what if you're a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Or Smiling Friends? Or Run The Jewels? Or some fresh comedy & musical sounds? Well, Adult Swim has released the official schedule for the weekend for those who are attending and for those (like us) who are covering any news from the panels And[...]
Five Adult Animated Series To Start Watching: Britt's TV Corner
And then we have Adult Swim's Smiling Friends, Comedy Central Animation's Lightning Wolves, and HBO Max's Close Enough to round out our rundown. (Top left-right) Smiling Friends (Adult Swim), Big Mouth (Netflix), Lightning Wolves (Comedy Central), Close Enough (HBO Max), and Human Resources (Netflix). So, waiting for you below are shows that are either recent additions to[...]
Adult Swim Cost Us Some Serious Sleep But for Pibby It Was Worth It
As you can see below, we have an "infection" happening on Smiling Friends. Get ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴏᴜʀ hêåÐ — adult swim (@adultswim) April 1, 2022 We can also confirm that there was an "infection" at the beginning of Rick and Morty S02E04 "Total Rickall" (contrary to what Adult Swim's Master Control is reporting): We're not seeing this in[...]
Love Letter To Smiling Friends' Glep, Chaotic Tiny Dancer [Opinion]
Adult Swim's Smiling Friends is a fantastic show, full of some hilarious content in every episode and one minor (albeit not as minor in our hearts) character, Glep, often shining in the spotlight. Glep Image Source: YouTube/Adult SwimThe chaotic spitting tiny dancer stole my heart with the quick movements of his little feet[...]
Smiling Friends
From Adult Swim's Smiling Friends and Netflix's Archive 81 to Hulu's Shrill and more, I have some recommendations that might just find their way to your screens sooner rather than later. Image: Netflix/Adult Swim/Hulu Enjoy and don't blame me when a weekend quickly passes you by as you engulf these fantastic shows (with official network overviews included[...]
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Then join Michael Cusack & Zach Hadel as they discuss the upcoming series Smiling Friends with special guests. Image: Adult Swim And how do fan-favorite episodes selected by series creators to create an impressive set of watch party playlists sound? Each watch party will feature a live chat where viewers can get real-time reactions and insight on their favorite[...]
Adult Swim Picks Up 2 Shows: 'Royal Crackers' & 'Smiling Friends'
Adult Swim has announced that they're picking up two new original series, Royal Crackers and Smiling Friends, the second one they previously tested out with an airing of the pilot Royal Crackers will be the first project with the network for creator Jason Ruiz, who previously worked on the series Murder Police that aired on FOX[...]