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Welcome back to another serving of BCTV Sunday Slices, where we personally curate a line-up of articles from the past week in Bleeding Cool's television/cable/streaming/online coverage to offer some additional thoughts and perspectives. Some you'll agree with and some you won't. Hopefully, you'll laugh, get pissed, shed a tear, and even learn a little something along the way- but no matter what, the thoughts and opinions you're about to read are all mine and don't necessarily reflect on what the collective Bleeding Cool thinks (like how I slid that legal stuff in there as smooth as sandpaper?) This week, BCTV has everything from Saturday Night Live and WWE's roadkill… from animated horror to lots of Janeway love. We're talking Arrowverse, The Walking Dead, Joss Whedon, Quibi, Titans, UFC, 50 Cent, Bob's Burgers, Kaley Cuoco, Snoopy, The Venture Bros., Archer, Run The Jewels, and a whole helluva lot more:

Your Voice Chicago (BCTV Image: NBCU-SNL)

Saturday Night Live: Kanye West Accuses Issa Rae of Being Used by SNL: Kanye West is an example of someone who makes it easy to multi-task- and by "multi-task"? I mean I can sympathize with him for whatever's going on with the wiring in his head while at the same time think he's an asshole. Though that sliding scale keeps sliding closer to the latter with each passing day and every sanctimonious word.

The Walking Dead Reveals New Ep Title; Negan/Maggie Table Read & More: As a TWD junkie, even I have to admit that I didn't see this coming. Angela Kang and the crew aren't wasting any time working to get those extra eps on the air in early 2021, and this was the perfect tease to keep fans salivating. Bonus props to Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, and Melissa McBride for their serious voice acting chops combined with Zoom body language that worked.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown & Friends Find a New Home at Apple TV+: It's one of those news items that fly under the radar until people realize it- but by then it's too late, you know? BCTV respects Apple TV+'s move and that they're going to offer them for free to watch during set days, but not having Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and the rest of the gang on broadcast on basic cable just feels… weird. And maybe before 2020 wraps up, we could take a break from the "weird" for a bit?

The Flight Attendant: HBO Max, Kaley Cuoco Series Booked for November: Book it: Kaley Cuoco will be the most successful cast member to come out of The Big Bang Theory (even more than Jim Parsons). Between the trailer for her HBO Max series and her work on Harley Quinn with her production maneuverings behind the scenes, Cuoco's already made an impressive name for herself. Now? Watch for some major appreciation for her acting chops coming over the never few years before awards start flowing in.

WWE Raw – R.I.P., Retribution… It Was Fun While It Lasted: So the dude who looks like an extra from a Disney cruise "Pirates of the Caribbean" production was actually the big, bad hacker and now leads Slipknot v2.0 in a contracted takeover of the WWE? And then they were buried by the Hurt Business and Brya "The Fiend" Wyatt? Nice move, WWE- couldn't you have kept them badass a little while longer so you could pin GTV on them, too?

The Venture Bros. Creators Talk Series Ending; "Star Trek"-Like Return: With all due respect to the brilliance that was Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer's Adult Swim series… only seven seasons in nearly seventeen years?!? Holy shit, George R.R. Martin would be proud.

Fear the Walking Dead/CRM Update: Sydney Lemmon Teases "Stay Tuned": When they find my body, they'll realize I was crushed by the amount of red string I'm having to use to create my It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Charlie board" to make all the CRM connections (with Virginia's deal and the Commonwealth adding even more head-scratching into the mix) between the TWDU series.

WWE Somehow Wins Award for Corporate Social Responsibility: And ex-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was about to get an award from the NAACP before the truth about him came out, soooo…

Power EP 50 Cent Chooses Trump, Lower Taxes Over NYC, Black People: Because nothing gives an aging rapper more street cred than siding with Trump and having a chorus of extras from Get Out on FOX "News" singing your praises. Do me a favor, Curtis? You leave NYC- but leave the "Power" franchise here… where it belongs.

Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons & More: FOX Does Fans Halloween Disservice: Running Halloween specials after the holiday during a time of streaming and on-demand services is just a stupid move, FOX. I get it. Baseball. But you couldn't air them on a special night before October 31st? Offer them available through other services? Nope, because it's another death rattle in broadcast television's eventual devolution into "event networks."

Smokey and the Bandit: Seth MacFarlane, Gordon Green Team for Series: If they can make the necessary changes to a franchise whose humor ain't exactly gonna cut it in 2020 while still maintaining that fun and goody feel? This could be bigger than people realize. But there will definitely be some conversations…

Archer Renewed for Season 12: FXX Series Sees Huge S11 Ratings Boost: I guess there's something to be said for a three-season coma because Archer hasn't missed a beat since returning to its "real" world.

The Nevers: Nick Frost on Joss Whedon, Says Series "Totally Different": Look, I'll always have respect for Joss Whedon for his body of work (and because we think The Nevers could be big). That said? I'm getting the distinct impression that he's not the nicest hombre to be on set with from a directing standpoint. Which is a nice way of saying that I'm not sure if Nick Frost's comments would help Whedon or Ray Fisher more in a court of law.

Quibi Expected to Cease Operations as Questions Remain: Report: Reports that Qibi will be filing for ten, 5-8 minute Chapter 11s have not been confirmed (we're proud of that joke). Now the fun part? Finding out which programs find a new home, and who gets their hands on the tech and Quibi was in court over.

Adult Swim Fest Guest Run The Jewels Drops "Yankee and the Brave" Vid: If you didn't catch Run The Jewels (Killer Mike, El-P) perform RTJ4 in its entirety, then check it out on Adult Swim's YouTube channel. A brain-bleeding performance that converted BCTV into followers, with the "Yankee and the Brave" video being exactly what we hoped it would be. Here's hoping we get some Run The Jewels and Rick and Morty vibes at Adult Swim Fest next month.

Star Trek: Voyager – Kate Mulgrew Appearing at Janeway Statue Unveil: Considering how well this article did when it first went to post, the folks over at Nickelodeon should be sacrificing something to whatever god or gods they worship that Kate Mulgrew's Janeway is a part of Star Trek: Prodigy because interest in her is still through the roof.

The Addams Family: Tim Burton, "Smallville" Team Reportedly Eye Series: How the hell did this take this long to (potentially) happen? BCTV would put this between Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (which we finally got) and Mark Ruffalo as Columbo (which we need) on a list of no-brainers.

Saturday Night Live Goes Live Saturday Following Trump/Biden Election: BCTV was surprised when they first released their calendar and the Saturday after the Joe Biden/Donald Trump POTUS election wasn't listed. Can't even imagine how tough a time they're going to have writing the episode considering the entire week depends on what goes down election night on Tuesday.

The Walking Dead CCO Scott M. Gimple on Animated, Miniseries Interests and A Creepshow Animated Special Will Haunt Your Halloween Season: Preview: Speaking of "sacrificing something to whatever god or gods they worship," let's do our part to support projects like the Creepshow animated special or initiatives like bringing animation to the TWDU because "animated horror" is definitely a subgenre I'd like to see explode.

Pilgrim: BBC Radio's Immortal Wanderer Returns for Halloween Special: BCTV feels like someone needs to introduce him to Edson Burton's Deacon- and then both of them should try avoiding hanging out at the same place John Constantine does because things might just get awkward.

Marc Guggenheim Moving on From Arrowverse; Talks Green Lantern Series: Arrow is gone, Supergirl is getting ready to wrap, Superman & Lois is coming onto the scene, Batwoman is introducing a new lead, and the Green Arrow and the Canaries pilot still in limbo. Good, bad, or otherwise? Arrowverse fans have a ton of change heading their way, which is why we can respect Marc Guggenheim's decision. That said? His DC work on the HBO Max side of things sounds like he's elevating and evolving his "superhero game" in ways that fans will appreciate.

UFC 254 Results: Khabib Defeats Gaethje, Retires After Victory: The story of UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is one that Hollywood wishes it could make and pull off with the kind of raw, intense emotion that comes from the complexities of the real world. A bold, impressive win followed up with an honorable decision that no one can question. That said? BCTV doesn't begrudge him a return down the road, either.

Titans Season 3: Red Hood First-Look Being Teased for This Monday: Titans sounds like a show that's "getting it"- and by that, the cast and creative team understand where the fans want the series to go and what they want to see. Look no further than plans for the third season, which brings in Dr. Jonathan Crane (and Scarecrow?) and Commissioner Barbara Gordon as the action shifts to Gotham (and Conor Leslie's Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl returns). But what will make or break this season? Curran Walters' take on Jason Todd as Red Hood. We'll see if the series passes the "look test" on Monday, with the live-action series teasing a look of some kind at the new season on Monday.

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