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Frank Barbiere On The End Of Solar: Man Of The Atom
Keith Davidsen, writer of Reanimator #2, talks with writer Frank Barbiere about Solar: Man of the Atom #12, both on sale now Covers by Marc Laming and Jonathan Lau. KEITH DAVIDSEN: First off, what are your thoughts on how your original concept/explorations for the Solar story may have evolved or been accomplished over the execution of twelve issues? FRANK[...]
Dynamite's Gold Key Comics Coming In February
And special note, these are the final issues for both Magnus: Robot Fighter and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #12 Cover: Jonathan Lau Writer: Fred Van Lente Art: Joseph Cooper FINAL ISSUE! Magnus battles THE BASILISK, an unstoppable entity bent on blasting our hero into atoms! Can Leeja and Magnus hit reboot on their entire world's corrupted infrastructure? And[...]
Frank Barbiere Talks Solar: Man of the Atom #7 With Preview
Peter Milligan, writer of Terminal Hero #4, had a couple quick questions for Frank Barbiere about Solar: Man of the Atom #7, both on sale November 19th PETER MILLIGAN: In its own jokey way, there seems to be a lot of parent/child, father/daughter transaction going on Would you say this is at the core of what the[...]
First Look At Covers And Solicitations For Dynamite's Gold Key Characters
Magnus: Robot Hunter by Fred Van Lente and Roberto Castro, Solar: Man of the Atom by Frank J Barbiere and Jonathan Lau and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter by Greg Pak and Mirko Colak. MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #11 Cover: Jonathan Lau Writer: Fred Van Lente Art: Roberto Castro ON SALE DATE: January 14 THE BASILISK: It can't be stopped[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Gold Key Books For November
We have an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations from Dynamite for their Gold Key books: Magnus: Robot Fighter, Solar: Man of the Atom and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter On the last one, Turok #0… we're basically just saying there is one coming as everything else is "classified". MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #9 Writer: Fred Van Lente Art:[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Solar: Man Of The Atom #4 And Dejah Of Mars #3
Solar: Man of the Atom #4 by Frank J Barbiere and Joe Bennett and Dejah Of Mars #3 by Mark Rahner and Jethro Morales. SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM #4 Frank J Barbiere (w) Joe Bennett (a) Juan Doe (c) You're Erica Seleski Yesterday you were an architect Today you can pretty much do anything Can the brand-new WOMAN OF THE[...]
Turning The Gold Key – Review Of Turok, Magnus, Solar And Doctor Spektor
For more on the series go to: The third series released was Solar: Man Of The Atom and this is the closest to a superhero title that you've got in the bunch The previously named Doctor Solar is being handled this time by New Avengers writer Frank J[...]
Magnus Vs. Solar? Well At Least Barbiere Vs. Van Lente
Out in shops today we have Magnus Robot Fighter #3 by Fred Van Lente and Solar: Man Of The Atom #2 by Frank Barbiere Here we get to see them interview each other You can see previews of both books here. Fred Van Lente: Frank, it seems like we live in a much more gendered[...]
A Quartet Of Dynamite Extended Previews – Solar, Magnus, Shadow And Pathfinder
Our fine friends at Dynamite have sent over four extended previews for books shipping this week. SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM #2 Frank Barbiere (w) Joe Bennett (a) Juan Doe (c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ In the stunning wake of Issue One's shocking climax…where is SOLAR? What will massive doses of unstable radiation do to[...]
Dynamite To Try New Retailer Incentive To Boost Solar And The Shadow
Remember a few days ago when we posted an article about how retailers may be under-ordering The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow? Seems Dynamite has decided to do something about that as well as on Solar: Man Of The Atom #2. In a press release Dynamite spoke of the sell outs of their other Gold Key titles[...]
The Science of Superheroes in Solar: Man Of The Atom – Plus Preview
Solar: Man of the Atom debuted this week from Dynamite Entertainment, written by the stellar Frank Barbiere with art by Joe Bennett With it, Barbiere updates a Gold Key character and navigates bringing a classic hero into the modern era, with some big twists in exactly who the hero is going to be early on in[...]
Things To Do in New York This Week If You Like Comics
The event is free and open to the public. The Presentation will be by Jeffrey Greene on The Artist in Prison.  The presentation will feature hundreds of images of narrative artworks produced in prison, bodies of work by individual artists assembled over years of incarceration, special projects, publications and exhibition installations illustrating over two decades of[...]
Westfield Comics Gives Away Turok #1 Variant And 50% Off Gold Key #1s
That is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Solar: Man of the Atom, Magnus: Robot Hunter and Doctor Spektor. Second thing is that all orders sent out in February will include a copy of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #1 with the Westfield Comics variant cover by Roberto Castro. So if you are looking to try out these classic comics during their[...]
Solar: Man Of The Atom Series By Frank Barbiere And Joe Bennett
Solar: Man Of The Atom is coming back to comic book shops this April The new Dynamite Entertainment series is written by Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts) and illustrated by Joe Bennett (Iron Man) This is the third Gold Key title being relaunched by Dynamite with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Magnus: Robot Fighter set for earlier[...]
Waid, Pak, Van Lente and Barbiere Bring Back Turok, Solar, Magnus and Doctor Spektor
Dynamite Entertainment ushers in the return of four classic comic series — Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Solar: Man of the Atom, Magnus: Robot Fighter, and Doctor Spektor — through a new licensing agreement with DreamWorks Classics.  The publishing company has signed four of today's most sought-after writers: Greg Pak on Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Frank Barbiere on Solar: Man of[...]