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Two Point Hospital Celebrates Sonic's Anniversary With A Crossover
Two Point Hospital is getting in on the Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary shenanigans by having the characters appear in the game SEGA and Two Point Studios have released a free update for the game today that will add new items and costumes to the game so that you can spice up your hospitals with[...]
Two Point Hospital Sequel Two Point Campus Leaked
Just for a little clarification, SEGA and Two Point Games released Two Point Hospital back in 2018 and have successfully ported it to every console and a few PC platforms, with a bunch of awesome DLC over the past few years If you haven't tried it, we highly recommend it as one of the better[...]
Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition Has Released For Consoles
SEGA and Two Point Studios have released Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition today for all three major consoles As you might suspect from the name of this version, you're getting a nearly complete edition of the game It's the primary game and four of its expansions, with the exception of the most recent one, A[...]
Two Point Hospital Releases Its Latest Expansion: A Stitch In Time
SEGA and Two Point Studios have released the latest expansion to Two Point Hospital as players can now experience A Stitch In Time The expansion will basically allow you to play a new set of levels at different periods in time, ranging from the caveman era all the way to the future of medicine Along[...]
Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock Will Hit Steam On October 20th
SEGA and Two Point Games will be releasing the next expansion to Two Point Hospital called Culture Shock on October 20th You're going to be getting down with the rich and famous in the entertainment world as you'll be treating diseases and illnesses that only the Hollywood elite come in contact with The new expansion[...]
Two Point Hospital Celebrates Its Second Anniversary
SEGA and Two Point Games are pleased to celebrate the second anniversary of their comedic medical sim Two Point Hospital We remember clear back to when they were showing this game off in secret at SEGA's California offices, as we got to experiment with helping people in Two Point County by fixing up their hospitals[...]
"Two Point Hospital" Is Getting A New Expansion Called "Off the Grid"
SEGA and Two Point Games will be adding a new expansion to Two Point Hospital as players will soon be practicing medicine Off the Grid The new addition will be sold for $9 as it goes on sale on March 26th, 2020 In this new expansion, you'll be exploring new areas of the world with an[...]
Check Out The Latest Video Game Releases February 25-March 2, 2020
Check out the full list of games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! Credit: Capcom February 25th Castle Of No Escape 2 (XB1) Hayfever (Switch) Kingdom Hearts III ReMind (XB1) Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Rune Factory 4 Special – Archival Edition (Switch) Samurai Shodown (Switch) Two Point Hospital (Switch, XB1) Wasteland Remastered (XB1) February 26th One Finger Death[...]
"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019
With the console version of Two Point Hospital on the way, SEGA and Two Point Studios decided it was time to consult an expert on the game The devs put out a new video featuring a brief Q&A with Lead Designer Ben Huskins, in which he answers some of the more burning questions about the[...]
"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019
Today the developers behind Two Point Hospital decided they wanted to show you more of the game and how it will operate on the console version When the game launched on PC back in 2018, it operated like a lot of point-and-click sims where you pretty much have full control over everything One of the[...]
"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019
SEGA released details this morning for the official console release date of Two Point Hospital, as it comes to all three major consoles The game will now be released on February 20th, 2020 You can pre-order physical copies on their website, while digital versions are now available in all their digital shops Enjoy the new[...]
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Halloween returns to Two Point Hospital this week as SEGA and Tow Point Interactive have turned Spooky Mode back on in the game This time around you'll have to deal with diseases and ailments of the haunting nature Including what looks like a nasty case of the Pumpkin Head. Credit: SEGA Spooooooky Mode in Two Point Hospital[...]
"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019
This morning, SEGA and Two Point Studios announced there would be a new release window for the console version of Two Point Hospital We now know the game will be coming out sometime in the "first half of 2020", along with the quote they sent out below. Credit: SEGA "Our community have asked for Two Point Hospital[...]
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SEGA and Two Point Studios revealed new DLC content for Two Point Hospital as you're going to be dealing with aliens this time around Basically, all sorts of alien species have descended upon the area in "Close Encounters" to both help and spread disease at the same time You'll be getting three new unusual hospitals[...]
SEGA & Atlus Reveal Their Plans For Gamescom 2019
The two will be focusing on games coming out in the immediate future, which includes Catherine: Full Body, Two Point Hospital for consoles, and the SEGA Mega Drive Mini You can read about all three from their announcement here, but we're kind of surprised they didn't decide to hint at what's coming for Persona 5[...]