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Sensation Comics #69 featuring Wonder Woman (DC, 1947).
Much has been said about the meaning behind the stories of Wonder Woman co-creators William Moulton Marston and H.G Peter but a careful reading of their work can still lead to new insights Sometimes, the smallest detail can change the meaning of a comic book story — such as the use of the phrase "denatured[...]
Diana is a naughty girl in this preview of Wonder Woman #774 Apparently, she's been reading texts she shouldn't No, not on a phone, you idiots! We're talking about back in the day in Themiscyra, and the text, in this case, is an ancient scroll with stories… about a boy Oooooooh! And that's just the[...]
DC Cancels Batman And Wonder Woman Collections
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. DC Comics Cancellations in The Daily LITG, 17th June 2021 DC Comics Cancels Batman And Wonder Woman Collections An X-Men-Sized Planet In Planet-Size X-Men? (Spoilers) Mass Effect Liara T'Soni Gets 2,000 Piece Statue From BioWare What Today's Massive X-Men Spoilers Say About Wolverine's Genitalia Comics Folk React To… Batman Not Going Down[...]
DC Cancels Batman And Wonder Woman Collections
DC Comics has informed comic book stores that they are cancelling the three following volumes, Batman The Court of Owls Deluxe Edition, Wonder Woman Blood and Guts The Deluxe Edition, and Batman His Greatest Mysteries, planned for publication later this year. DC Comics Cancels Batman And Wonder Woman Collections Batman The Court of Owls Deluxe Edition Hidden for[...]
Prime 1 Studios Reveals Wonder Woman TV Series Statue
The lovely Lynda Carter dons her Wonder Woman costume once again as Prime 1 Studio reveals their newest DC Comics statue Based on the popular 1975 Wonder Woman television series, the Princess of the Amazons stands 27" tall on a lovely WW symbol base and backdrop Lynda Carter comes to life once again with this[...]
Wonder Woman Faces Her Fears With XM Studios Newest DC Statue
The Queen of the Amazons is coming face to face with her Rogues Gallery as XM Studios reeves their brand new Wonder Woman statue Coming in at a might 27" tall, Wonder Woman is showcased with some of her greatest villains around her in this beautifully sculpted statue Handcrafted and hand-painted, the statue comes with[...]
Planet Comics #71 (Fiction House, 1953).
It's fairly well-known that Wonder Woman's creation was heavily influenced by Olive Byrne, the polyamorous life partner of William Moulton Marston and Elizabeth Holloway.  It's somewhat less known that Olive Byrne's mother and aunt, Ethel Byrne and Margaret Sanger, were historically important Progressive Era feminists who opened the first birth-control clinic in the United States. [...]
Todd McFarlane Designs His Own Wonder Woman With DC Multiverse
It is always unique to see a new spin on such a class DC Comics character, and it looks like Wonder Woman is next It looks like a new DC Multiverse figure is on the way as Todd McFarlane designs his very own version of Wonder Woman in beautiful 7" format This brand new design[...]
Comic Cavalcade #16 (DC, 1946) Paula von Gunther scene.
Wonder Woman villain Baroness Paula von Gunther is a unique character even by the standards of the DC Comics Golden Age.  She's often characterized as Wonder Woman's first recurring villain, which is true enough, but she spent more time as an ally of the Amazons and a semi-regular recurring Wonder Woman cast member.  The character[...]
Wonder Woman #37 debut of Circe title splash drawn by H.G. Peter, DC Comics 1949.
Longtime DC Comics writer/editor Robert Kanigher had much more influence over the Wonder Woman mythos than many realize.  He was writing Wonder Woman stories for Sensation Comics as early as 1945 Kanigher then took over both writing and editing the Wonder Woman title about a year after co-creator William Moulton Marston's 1947 death As we've[...]
Full DC Comics August 2021 Solicitations, Batman and the World Beyond
With a mission to take out Maxwell Lord, but going up against someone who is a bit of a zealot herself on occasion, and has beheaded Maxwell Lord herself back in a prior continuity, Wonder Woman… WildCATS' Zealot Comes To DC To Fight Wonder Woman, Kill Maxwell Lord We wondered when reading Batman Urban Legends #1 that[...]
Wonder Woman #105 written by Robert Kanigher, penciled by Ross Andru, and inked by Mike Esposito, DC Comics 1959.
Wonder Woman #105 is a noteworthy moment in the history of the character, particularly because this origin revision came just seven issues after her definitive Silver Age origin reboot moment in Wonder Woman #98-99 Long considered an important moment in Silver Age Wonder Woman history, there's a Wonder Woman #105 CGC VG+ 4.5 Off-white pages[...]
House Ad for Wonder Woman #6 featuring Cheetah from Sensation Comics #22, DC Comics 1943.
"The Green-Eyed goddess is a dangerous mistress," wrote Wonder Woman co-creator William Moulton Marston in a 1937 syndicated newspaper piece about jealousy "The Green-Eyed Goddess whispers that the other fellow won on a foul If you listen, she will weave a convincing tale of malice and intrigue — for jealousy is an alluring jade But[...]
Tapas Bought For Half A Billion Dollars, Launch DC Comics Webtoons
Wonder Woman, with chapters from Wonder Woman Rebirth, is open read, Batman and Justice League need you to register and log in Oh and not live in the UK it seems. Wonder Woman Batman Justice League Kakao Buys Tapas For $590 Million Dollars, Launch DC Comics Webtoons "Tapas and Radish are two amazingly powerful storytelling platforms, and we welcome them[...]