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BloodRayne Receives Its Final Ultimate Updates For PC
Ziggurat Interactive revealed today that it has given the game BloodRayne one last "Ultimate Update" on PC Specifically, this update will affect the enhanced "Terminal Cut" editions of both BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2, as this will include updated visuals and audio enhancements, more localization fixes, several gameplay balances, and more additions to the content and[...]
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Ziggurat Interactive has released their next set of four retro games as part of their Retro First Friday promotion for May 2021 Technically you're getting three games because two of them are from the same series and they're wrapped up in a specific collection Those games are Scubaventure: The Search For Pirate's Treasure, Slordax: The[...]
Prison Tycoon
Abylight Studios along with Ziggurat Interactive announced this week they're giving Prison Tycoon a reboot The company has the rights to the original game where, like a few of the more modern titles like Prison Architect, you build a prison to your own design and try to run the establishment to the best of your[...]
Ziggurat Interactive To Release Real Heroes: Firefighter HD
Ziggurat Interactive announced this week they will be releasing Real Heroes: Firefighter HD this coming Thursday The game throws you into the fray of being a firefighter straight out of the academy and being a part of a local firehouse You'll learn the ropes of what it takes to become a top-notch firefighter and protect[...]
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Ziggurat Interactive has decided to release a couple of packs of retro games for their first Retro First Friday of 2021 Every first Friday of the month the company dips into their collection of classic retro titles and offers up a few of them for release so you can snag them cheap and play them[...]
Ziggurat Interactive Launches Seven More Retro Games On GOG
Ziggurat Interactive has added eight more retro games to GOG.com, giving players a chance to try some old-school titles The seven games being added to the library are g Timequest, Machiavelli the Prince, Les Manley in: Lost in LA, Les Manley in: Search For The King, Last Rites, Return of the Phantom, and Battle Engine Aquila[...]
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Some interesting retro games new today as Ziggurat Interactive has acquired the 3DO catalog of games from Prism Entertainment The library apparently covers everything the company had once released, including popular titles such as Captain Quazar, Killing Time, Requiem: Avenging Angel, Uprising: Join or Die, and Uprising: Lead and Destroy According to the press release, these games are[...]