Bob's Burgers S11E02 "Worms" Was At Its Crudely Wonderful Best: Review

The second episode of the current season of FOX's Bob's Burgers ("Worms of In-Rear-ment") explores the hilarious lengths to which Linda will go in order to prove to herself she's a good mom. The Belcher family, in an attempt to go out to the symphony as a family, becomes paranoid when Gene exhibits symptoms of the pinworm epidemic going around town. A lot of denials occur after Gene halts the family as they hope to exit the home and go to the fancy symphony. Linda recalls what she and Bob may have or may have not done for the kids for them to get a great start in life, such as not playing classical music for them in the womb.

Bob's Burgers S11E02 "Worms Of In-Rear-Ment" (Image: FOX)
Bob's Burgers S11E02 "Worms Of In-Rear-Ment" (Image: FOX)

Tina attempts showing growth and ends up becoming stuck in an old dress with one arm stuck mid-sleeve. Bob desperately tries to calm the situation and leave to get medicine, but Linda and a stubborn Louise face off. The face-to-face and chase between Louise and Linda involve the destruction of some DIY property, attempts at escape through windows, and a musical number about being a "bad mom" that all make this episode a fun ride.

The best parts of the episode involved what Bob's Burgers tend to do best: moments of pure honesty and innocently crude humor. Examples of this come from the confession by Linda of how she feels she has done as a mother and her fears that she hasn't done enough, this theme can ring true with plenty of moms out there. And outside the revelations of motherhood, the literal toilet humor-induced jokes show the wit of writing done on the show. There's nothing more hilarious than witnessing a musical number involving Linda and an orchestra of pinworms, who also harmonize, in the background. And while, personally, I will admit I loved the storyline of this episode, I hope for more appearances of characters outside the family circle. These characters tend to flow so well in dialogue and build on the characters that make up the Belcher family. The future of musical portions of episodes looks to be awesome based on the one seen here, but we will have to wait and see. Let us know what you liked about the most recent episode of Bob's Burgers in the comments below!

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