My Hero Academia: Yes, I Know Hating Bakugo Makes Me A Hypocrite

One of the greatest things about My Hero Academia is the writing and along with it, the wonderful characters we have gotten to meet over the years. Despite being good or evil or in-between, they have always had a relatable angle that makes it quite impossible to fully hate each of them. However, there has been one character that always takes me to my limit, and the only one I really can not pull it together to like: Katsuki Bakugo.

My Hero Academia (Image: Funimation/Bones)
My Hero Academia (Image: Funimation/Bones)

The love I see flowing toward Bakugo constantly confuses me. From the first moment on, Bakugo has been a bully to Deku, constantly going out of his way to prove he is better than him. So far nothing from Bakugo's storyline has quite explained or excused or made up for him being such a piece-of-s**t bully. When someone confesses their love for him to me I often ask if at some point I failed to see his redeeming arc. Yes, I am a hater at times- but it also feels like Bakugo is always a hairline away from the next guest to join the League of Villains. Granted, I have seen two important changes in that he is different when he is with Kirishima and has been less aggressive this last season.

That said, here is when I come to the realization of my hypocrisy and my love for the archetype of "bad-slash-moody anime boy who is not really bad but is a bit of a dick"-type that we see in most anime. As I was going on a rant over Bakugo this week I started thinking of all the "angry boys" in anime I have loved. As I argued why it was so wrong to like him, a bunch of "anime bois" paraded in my mind calling me out on my own BS starting with my favorites Inosuke, Yamato Ishida, and Ken Ichijouji. Another "angry boi" I loved growing up was Ranma and Sasuke Uchiha, closely followed by Inuyasha. Then the angriest of them all popped up in my head whom I loved dearly and shut me up immediately: Vegeta. I still don't really like Bakugo, but to avoid being too much of a hypocrite? I will give him a little more time to show us what he's got and to kick off his redemption arc.

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