The Great North Season 2 E06 Review: Pizza & Murder Mystery Parties

There's nothing like some old underwear in a pizza box to throw everyone for a loop, and that's exactly what happened in this episode of FOX's The Great North. If you prefer to avoid spoilers of any kind & at any cost, turn back now and watch before you read any further. Otherwise…

The Great North Season 2 E06 Review: Pizza & Murder Mystery Parties
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While Beef gets nervous around Alyson during a movie night in Wolf & Honeybee's home, Judy attempts to keep her murder mystery part active and fun but is upset to find Gill reading a vital clue from his character card, therefore cutting the investigation short. First off, the interaction between Judy, Ham, Moon and their friends (including the lovely display from Ham's boyfriend, Crispin) was so well done and had me smiling again and again. I love seeing these characters from The Great North talk to one another and be honest in a way you don't see in a lot of adult animated shows. The investment that is being put into the minor characters, including Judy's best friend Kima, has been benefitting the series as a whole.

It was truly nice to see the character of Alyson talking to Beef, there was a promise between them back in the first season so I'm glad to see that returning. In The Great North, Judy is relatable in many ways as is her desire for chill time to hang out with her friends and get into planning parties as she does. The way Ham and Crispin interact and discuss things with each other is such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes queer relationships are treated as fragile, odd, or like the writers are trying too hard, but with these two it felt so much more natural and commonplace. Those moments alone gave me a ton of joy. One day, I hope for a two-part special similar to this episode full of mystery and great minor characters' lines but for now, I'm happy with what I watched and hope that it's a sign of even better things to come.

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The Great North Season 2 E06 Review: Pizza & Murder Mystery Parties
Review by Brittney Bender

This episode of FOX's The Great North proved that developing the personality and agency of minor characters only increases the development of the main ones. A story of missing pizza and parties brought fun and laughter to the screen as the animated series continues to impress.


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