Bleeding Cool's Top 10 Exclusive Collectibles at SDCC 2018

There is no show more jam-packed with exclusives than SDCC. Every year, it seems like every single booth has something with that familiar yellow and black sticker with the eye on it. "You can only get this here!" is the most common thing you will hear on the floor, as people shout it from their dealer tables and exhibits. Fans try desperately to get them, while flippers and scalpers buy the limits to jack up the price on the secondary market. Friends and family members you forgot you had come out of the woodwork asking you to get them something "if you have the time," having no idea how much time it can actually take to procure anything. It is the best kind of chaos. I love it.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 SDCC collectibles I will be pushing, elbowing, and yelling for at the show this year. (I'm kidding, but I have personally been pushed, punched, robbed, and ridiculed in line before.)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man and The Wasp Giant-Man and Wasp set

The only way to get LEGO used to be waiting in a terrible line all night and trying to pull a ticket out of a hat. Needless to say, I was never lucky enough to get one. This year they switched some booths to online lottery, and I feel like I have a good chance this time (I don't). That will be the only chance anyone has to add this awesome set from the new film to their collection. From the box to the bricks themselves, this is one is great. It even has a LEGO Comics Code seal on the box!

Hot Toys Exclusive Star Wars Anakin Skywalker (Dark Side) 1/6 Scale Figure

If money was no object, I would own every Hot Toys figure made ever. But it is, so I have to pick and choose. This stunning figure of the fallen to the Dark Side Anakin is just perfect in every way. Those are some piercing Sith eyes you have there, Ani. That sculpt, the accessories, everything screams "buy me". So I shall.

Mattel Hot Wheels Action Comics #1 Sedan Exclusive

Sometimes these SDCC exclusives are not about the toy or figure, but the package themselves. Such is the case with the Action Comics tribute at the Mattel booth. Celebrating not only Superman's 80th birthday, this also is the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels. Making it up to look like a graded copy of the most important comic of all time? Yes please.

Hasbro Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Red Skull and Tesseract

Hasbro has one of the hardest to get into SDCC booths, with Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, and Magic the Gathering exclusives in high demand. They have quite a few exclusives as always, but my favorite is this Marvel Legends set. I love their role-playing items like their Cap shield and line of helmets. With this one, we get a light-up Tesseract along with a Captain America: The First Avenger Red Skull figure. A great set for fans of the MCU.

Bleeding Cool's Top 10 Exclusive Collectibles at SDCC 2018

Scream Factory Horror Buttons

I miss these every year somehow, but this year I am determined. The actual buttons will not be revealed ahead of the show (at least that I have seen), but they are always based on cover art for upcoming horror Blu-rays Scream will be putting out. Fingers crossed I can get to them before they are gone.

2001 A Space Odyssey HAL9000 USB Flash Drive SDCC Exclusive

Moebius Models HAL9000 32GB Flash Drive

This one is just too cool. I am a sucker for designer flash drives, and what could be better than one based on the iconic HAL9000? When plugged in the red eye lights up. The drive is metal and features a shiny and chrome finish. Yeah, its $35, but it is $35 well spent.

Sdcc 2018 NECA Exclusive TMNT 1990 Figure Set 4

NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie Four Figure Set

I had them. Everyday NECA offered this set (and the diorama set they will also be offering) I had this set in my cart and as I finalized shipping it sold out. I cursed my luck, and I will have to try at their SDCC booth. This set features all four Turtles in the seven-inch scale. These are basically their 1/4 scale figures shrunk down. They are incredible to look at, and I must have them.

Super7 Masters of the Universe Laughing Prince Adam Figure

This is the MUST-HAVE of SDCC weekend. The response to this figure was so immense, Super7 has opened preorders right now on their site, so everyone who wants one can get one. Based on the popular meme/video, this version of Prince Adam is everything an exclusive should be. Silly, well made, and unique. And while we are talking about Super7, they have so much cool MOTU and Universal Monsters stuff for sale at the show and their store that they are also my most anticipated booth at the show. I can't wait to give them all my money.

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Punisher (Special Ops Edition)

I mean… just look at it. This thing is so awesome looking that when they put up online preorders their site crashed. It sold out completely online. No your only hope is the booth, and that is a tall order. One:12 Collective was the talk of the show last year. This year looks to be no different.

Funko Pop! Doctor Who 13th Doctor
Funko Pop! Masters of the Universe Stinkor
Funko Pop! 8-Bit Wreck-It Ralph
Funko Pop! Marvel MCU 10th Anniversary Iron Man Mark 1

Come on, you can't do one of these lists without Funko on it. And it is also impossible to pick just one. So, these are the four I picked. Just yesterday they announced that SDCC will be the debut of the 13th Doctor, limited to 1300 pieces. It will be released later though, so relax non-attendees. Stinkor is a scented Pop, Ralph makes the most sense of any 8-Bit Pop they have done so far, and the Mark 1 Iron Man has an amazing sculpt. These three should also be shared exclusives, so those of you not at the show should have a shot at them.

What exclusives are YOU excited for? Are you going to the show? What will you be trying for? What did we leave off? Let us know below!

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