Let's Look At Hasbro's New Ghostbusters Plasma Series Neutrona Wand

Ghostbusters collectors can add a really cool piece to their collections coming up soon here. For those that do not know, Hasbro has taken over the toy license as of this year. They already have a line of six-inch Marvel Legends style figures on shelves, and now they are dipping the toes with premium role-play items. The first in the Ghostbusters Plasma Series role playline is the Neutrona Wand. As iconic a film prop as there is, this new wand is sure to be one of the centerpieces of any Busters collection. We want to thank Hasbro for sending this over for us to take a look at today, which we do in the video down below.


Ghostbusters Neutrona Wand Is Pretty Dang Cool

From a packaging standpoint, this thing could not be more taken care of. Housed in a Busters "toolbox," Egon's wand is well-packed, and all of the hanging parts are protected inside. The hoses and cables are in no danger of being yanked out of the wand itself. The stand comes unassembled, and the box is cool enough to make a nice backfrop on a display.

Once out of the box, it is easy to see why this might be one of the coolest Ghostbusters toys ever. The amount of detail that went into the creation of this thing is crazy. The team over at Hasbro worked with Ben Eadie, who was the armorer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, to make sure they were getting all of the details correct, as this is made to look as it will in that film. I would say they did a phenomenal job. The metal has weathering and aging they did to it is so nice, there are even spots where it looks like the paint is bubbling up in spots and such from age. And picking it up is effortless. One of the things I have noticed so far is that I can't stop picking it up. It is really comfortable to hold and is the perfect weight.

This thing has more bells and whistles than you would think when you pick it up. Once on, there are multiple LED features and spots where the wand has play features. When ready to bust some ghosts, flip the Activate switch and hold down the intensity button to start firing. There are four modes for us rookie Ghostbusters to use: Proton Stream, Slime Blower, Stasis Stream, and Meson Collider modes. There is a small orange button that is easy to press near the top to effortlessly switch between them. Hold the button down too long, and the wand overheats and shuts down. Captured the ghost? Flip back down the Activate switch and hear one of the most iconic and satisfying sounds from any film. They retire to your collection room and place the wand on the included stand. I do wish that it was a more substantial stand, as it is just plastic. But it holds the wand well and will look great in a Ghostbusters display for sure.

Let's Look At Hasbro's New Ghostbusters Plasma Series Neutrona Wand
Neutrona Wand

This is the stuff we dreamed about when we were kids. Or at least I did. I couldn't imagine a better display piece, and judging by how much my daughter and I have been carrying it around all day and Busting ghosts, this is going to be enjoyed for years to come. If you are interested in getting your very own Ghostbusters Plasma Series Neutrona Wand, you can do so here. It will be well worth it.

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