GI Joe Classified & Snake Eyes Reveals Take Over Hasbro Fan Fest

GI Joe fans were treated to some new reveals today, including new figures in their mega-popular Classified Series.  Snake Eyes movie line was the name of the game today, as all the reveals were in support of that.. The brand has not been this relevant in quite some time, and this last year has been a dream for fans of all ages as a new generation has started to rediscover the brand, and lapsed collectors flood back into the hobby. With the GI Joe goodness revealed today, that is sure to continue over the next few months and into the future as well. Joe is here to stay finally, and we could not be happier about it. Let's take a look at the reveals.

GI Joe Reveals Were All Snake Eyes, All The Time

First up is the new kids line of figures, the Core Ninja line. which is cool to see. They look like they have a lot of playability to them with action moves and pretty great sculpts. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Baroness, Ninja Tech Snake Eyes, Night Creepers, Red Ninjas, and Scarlet will be coming in this line, and these should prove to be quite popular. We will also be getting Storm Shadow in his bike gear with a bike, as well as Snake Eyes of course.

Next up was the Snake Eyes Classified Series figures. Storm Shadow Was up first, who will come in all white of course and features a swappable face portrait head. Baroness is next, and she comes loaded to the gills with weapons and a great head sculpt. Movie Scarlett is also coming, same as Baroness will come with awesome suit textures and a great sculpt. A new GI Joe character named Akiko is debuting in the film and here is the Classified series. Finally, we had Henry Golding reveal Snake Eyes himself. He unboxed the figure, and it looks really great. Weapons, great sculpt, and the film suit looks pretty great. Hearing him say "That's my face!" was fantastic.

These are all up for order today at Hasbro Pulse starting at 5 PM EST.

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