GI Joe Team Dazzles W/ New Figures, HasLab Revealed At Hasbro PulseCon

GI Joe kicked off day 2 of Hasbro PulseCon today, with all eyes on the Classified Series. Fans and collectors are ready for as many figures as they can give us, as long as they are not in the Target exclusive Cobra Islan line. While they have done a good job getting figures back onto shelves there, the preorder process has still been a nightmare for those, leaving us GI Joe collectors scrambling to fight with toy resellers when they hit the pegs. A bunch of new figures were shown, so let's dive into what was shown off.

GI JOE Classified Are Some Of The Best Hasbro Figures Of All-Time

The first figure shown off was the new Cobra BAT, and boy did they do a great job modernizing the body for the robot. They come with swappable arms and more and look like perfect army builders. They will be up for order at a later date. They also announced that the fantastic box art on the GI Joe Classified line can now be purchased as posters.

Tiger Force and Python Patrol figures were revealed next, and they will be….sigh…Target exclusives. First up is Outback, featuring one of the coolest beards on any action figure ever. The Python Patrol Viper was next, and he is a repaint of the Cobra Island Viper with updated deco, and the yellows really pop. The Python Patrol BAT wraps up this first wave, a different deco of the regular one. This is the first time a Python Patrol BAT has been released in a GI Joe line.

Taboo from the Back Eyed Peas then showed up to reveal the new Classified Spirit figure. They could not have done this figure better. Again, like the BAT, Spirit is perfectly modernized while also preserving the classic look. Then, oh man, the classic look GI Joe Classified Storm Shadow was shown off, and he looks stunning. As my favorite Joe character, I could not be happier. He comes loaded to the gills as well.

The showstopper for most, though, was Croc Master. He is a deluxe release since he comes with an articulated Fiona crocodile.  That's right; a fully articulated crocodile comes in this pack.

The other big announcement is that They are doing fully articulated O-ring figures. Exclusive to Hasbro Pulse, they will come in an old-school plastic case loaded with weapons to the gills. The lower forearms are PVC and have some give, and the O-ring is updated as well to prevent breaking. Then they showed off the first GI Joe HasLab, the Skystriker. And it is gorgeous. 10,000 backers needed, and there are a ton of unlocks as well, including Scarlett O-ring flight suit, Rip-Cord O-ring figure, and two Pit Crew O-ring figures. Cost is $229.99. You can back that here.

What a strong showing for GI Joe; hopefully, it will not be hard to find it all. You can preorder most of what was shown today at Hasbro Pulse.

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