Hot Toys Teases the Arrival of Lightyear to Their 1/6th Figure Line

Lightyear is finally here, giving Toy Story and Pixar fans a glimpse at the epic film that created the hit action figure. Movies goers can get tickets right now for today's early screenings with a wide release tomorrow. This movie was an absolute rush, and I love everything about it! As a big Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear fan, it was unique to see a movie featuring the origins of the Space Ranger. A big movie like this means new collectibles are obviously on the way, and this one has really come out of the field. The widely popular, pricey, and impressive toy company Hot Toys has just announced that Lightyear is coming to the 1/6 scale figure line! Only one simple teaser image was released showing off a quick look at Buzz in his Space Ranger suit, which can be seen below:

Hot Toys Teases the Arrive of Buzz Lightyear to Their 1/6th Figure Line
Credit: Hot Toys

"The hero who inspired millions to go "to infinity and beyond" is soon landing as a highly detailed one-sixth figure, based on Lightyear."

Lightyear shows us a new origin story of the iconic space toy, and it is everything you want it to be. A more realistic approach to the character is captured here, and I am excited for Hot Toys to bring him to life. The Space Ranger Alpha Suit is just fantastic, and it will be sweet to see all of the new films' new weapons and gadgets come to life with the figure. I am curious if the helmet with has an attachment piece to show him in his suit as well as a swappable head showing his new hair. LEDs are a must, with Buzz and Sox better be included as this robot cat is a hoot. As a Buzz Lightyear fan, my love for the character has only grown since I watched the movie, and this figure will be an excellent way to capture his newest adventure. No price, release date, or pre-order information are known just yet, but you can find all things Hot Toys right here. Be sure to check out Lightyear in theaters now to see what all the Buzz is about….

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