Marvel Legends Reveales: House Of X Wave, Silver Surfer, MODOK, More

Marvel Legends fans had yet another Fan Friday to look forward to today, and they did not disappoint. This is probably the last one we will get for this year, and they used the opportunity to show off a new movie Deadpool figure, the full House of X/Powers of X X-Men wave, two new Walgreens exclusives, and MODOK in all his glory. The Marvel Legends team has been killing these Fan Friday reveals all year, so kudos to them and everyone at Hasbro for figuring out a way to get these reveals to us in a fun way during the pandemic. Let's take a look at what was revealed today.

Closing Out The Marvel Legends Year With A Bang

First up is their new deluxe MODOK figure. He will come with swappable faces and hands, along with a fire blast base. This figure looks perfect and is a must-have for any respectable Marvel Legends collection.

As for Walgreens exclusives, Fallen Silver Surfer will be hitting early next year, and following him is classic Richard Rider Nova. That one is going to be super tough, so when preorders go up for that one, sneak one in.

A new Deadpool Marvel Legends figure from Deadpool 2 will be exclusive to Amazon, with preorders going up this afternoon. This is a version covered in soot, which I can kinda see? Ehh, it is still an awesome looking figure.

The main event was the reveal of packaging shots and the BAF for the X-Men House of X/Powers of X wave. Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean, and the Omega Sentinel were already known, and today they revealed an amazing looking Marvel Legends Moria Mactaggart figure loaded to the gills with accessories. Get em all and build the newly revealed Tri-Sentinel.

Marvel Legends Reveales: House Of X Wave, Silver Surfer, MODOK, More
Marvel Legends Ultron

Finally, it wouldn't be a meeting with the team without some teases, and they showed off a gorgeous new buck for Ultron coming soon. Love the mouth effect!

Look for most of these to go up for preorder on Pulse this afternoon.

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