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Marvel Legends X-Men Figures Kick Off With The Wolverine

Marvel Legends collectors have long been hoping that in addition to the MCU figures they have been doing that we might someday get equally great figures of the Fox X-Men film characters. For years it was brought up at cons and in Q&As, all for naught. I guess all it took was for Disney to buy Fox because less than a year later, here we are with Marvel Legends figures based on the Fox films. Deadpool characters, X-Men characters with interchangeable heads for each actor that played them. They are doing it all—one though was more requested than any: Hugh Jackman's version of the Wolverine. Logan was the face of the mutant film universe, and to not have him on our shelves was criminal. Now, that has all changed, with three different versions coming. Today we got the first, the Amazon exclusive Marvel Legends Wolverine, to take a look at.

Marvel Legends X-Men Film Series Wolverine Is Almost Perfect

First, kudos to Hasbro for treating this as special as it really is. Nobody ever thought this would happen, and now that it is, they spent the extra bucks and created whole new packaging for them. That is taking care of your fans right there. Striking key art, coupled with a nice big window box to show off the figure inside, make this a home run. Marvel Legends MOC collectors: you should be more than satisfied.

Once out of the package, there are just a few nitpicks that keep it from being awesome. The likeness to Hugh Jackman is not bad; from certain angles, it looks better than others, but on the whole, it is not that far off from the prototype shown. The body buck is where the figure shines. He has great articulation, and this figure features new additions to the bodies to help hide the pins and articulation points. It makes a ton of difference. The introduction of butterfly joints in the shoulders of Marvel Legends figures was also a great call. I had no issues getting Logan into many different poses. He comes with a set of hands with bone claws and one with his adamantium ones as well. First nitpick: as cool as that is, he needed to also come with regular hands as well. Second nitpick: his dog tags don't stay flush to his body at all, and they are annoying.

His snarling headsculpt is also great, and I like that he comes with a regular head and that snarling one. It was important for the figure to feature both. I prefer the adamantium claws personally, and unlike other Wolverine Marvel Legends in the past, they stay pretty straight and are less flimsy, thankfully. If those extra regular hands had been included, it would be a home run really; I like the one claw look.

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Overall though, this is a great buy. We finally have a Fox Wolverine Hugh Jackman Marvel Legends figure, and that is cause for celebration in my book. He is still up for order on Amazon, but stock is getting low. So, grab one while you can. I also can't wait for the Logan version, which will be available on Hasbro Pulse next week.

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