McFarlane Summons the Darkness with Dark Flash Gold Label Figure

McFarlane Toys has honestly been on a roll lately with their impressive line of DC Multiverse figures. Not only have this years figures been incredible, but their release date have been only a month or so after they are revealed. This is a marketing tactic I am fully behind, but their still have their issues especially with their DC Multiverse Gold Label line. These figures are almost always retailer exclusives hitting stores like Target, Walmart, and the McFarlane Toys Stores. McFarlane is pretty good with dishing out these figures; the issues usually arise from the specific retailer themselves. They never drop on time, sell out instantly, and are a pain to track down, just like the brand new DC Comics Gold Label Black Flash figures that are hitting Walmart stores right now. 

A brand new DC Comics Build-A-Figure wave has arrived for Dark Nights Death Metal with the One-Shot comic Speed Metal. The story showcases stew Flash Family at the end of time inside the Speed Force running for the Batman Who Laughs. Taking the new name of the Darkest Knight, this villain has had his power greatly increased, and he has even impacted the Speed Force direct. This changed the Flash Family's outfits, and he even summoned his own army of undead speedsters. This figure is right up McFarlane Tosy alleys, and three different versions are offered, each with a different head on each (similar to the Robin Crows). Each Dark Flash is priced at $19.99 and can be found in some Walmart stores now. No online release date has been unveiled, but we could see them arrive for the upcoming October 6th Walmart Con. Be sure to also keep your eyes out for the DC Comics Gold Label Shazam figure also in Walmarts now! Run Barry, Run!

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