NECA Alien Night Cougar Figure Impresses Yet Again

This spring, NECA released two new Alien Xenomorph figures, the Panther and the Night Cougar, both Kenner tributes and highly anticipated in the fandom. One of their longest-running lines, the Alien line, just chugs along, and we buy them and collect them quietly in the corner, laughing that we get such great quality figures from NECA. Sure, they have much higher profile licenses and releases, but their bread and butter will always be Alien and Predator, and they know this. They were nice enough to send us over the Night Cougar to take a look at, and spoiler: it is a fantastic addition to the line.

NECA: Keep It Up, Please. We Love Them.

This packaging will always be awesome, and Ultimate NECA figures are one of the best boxes out there. That these Kenner tribute releases are coming out like this is such a treat. I say this all the time when looking at NECA figures, but it pains me to open these sometimes. They look great MOC, and every angle of the box has something for the MOC collector to grab onto. That the front has a figure on the bubble makes it that much sweeter.

I have always loved the colors on this guy, and the NECA version is no different. The reds pop really well, and the wash on the black is also sharp; the little flecks in the paint are subtle but really give especially the Xenomorph dome depth and life. Like the Panther, he is a gnarly little beast, and they did a great job making this feel unique. Obviously, the couching poses are easier to get, especially with the articulation in the fingers, but the upright posing, while a challenge, is rewarding as well. I love the malleability of his tail and stinger as well; it almost feels alive when looking at it. There is something so menacing about this release; he looks like when you close the door and turn out the lights in your collecting room, this figure is going to start murdering all of your toys. This Xenomorph looks like an asshole, and it is awesome.

NECA Alien Night Cougar Figure Impresses Yet Again

Like the Panther, NECA nailed this one, and these are two of my favorite Alien figures in a while. That is saying something with the quality we continue to see from NECA. You can order this figure right here or find it in stores now.

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