NECA's New Kong Figure Is Hitting Walmarts, Let's Take A Look

Last year, we took a look at the first NECA Kong figure, and while we loved it, we were not IN love with it. I have been waiting for years for NECA to make this figure, and while I wanted a 10/10, we got an 8/10. Still, an awesome toy, just not what I had been hoping for. A new version of the figure is now releasing to Walmarts as a timed exclusive, an "Illustrated" version with a new paint deco and such. We went to Walmart the other day, and we found one to take a look at. Should you get this one or the first? Let's decide.

Kong Is The Same, But Different

This box is much better than the first release. That one felt pretty boring, while this one feels way more classic. I think it is the logo. Other than that, it is mostly the same. But the colors and pics look much more vibrant and less boring and muted than that first box. For MOC collectors, this is for sure an upgrade.

As for the figure itself, it is a straight repack. Everything is the same except for the paint aps. Here's what we had to say about the original figure: Kong stands at 8 inches tall and features some of the best articulation on a NECA figure. I love the extra joints in the legs, so when getting him into more of a top-heavy pose, he keeps his stability. Right when this was announced, the classic shocked head this came with became controversial. A closed-mouth head is needed here; I do not like that the only option is a yelling face. But to not include that classic 1933 head would have been a travesty, so I am okay with it. He is a big guy, as Kong should always be. He has a good weight to him, and the battle scars all over his body and such are all very well done. My biggest complaint is that the paint was chipping off my figure in little brown flecks when moving the figure around. Not great, especially when the rest of the figure is pretty great. The swappable parts are easy to change, a refreshing change from previous NECA releases. That paint issue, though, is hard to ignore; it happens with any movement.

While the chipping paint has been fixed, the other points remain the same. This "illustrated" look is fantastic, though. It looks like a monster magazine cover come to life and adds a ton of character to the figure. It also matches up really well with the poster version of Godzilla.

NECA's New Kong Figure Is Hitting Walmarts, Let's Take A Look

So I would say get this one. The paint aps add a bunch of character to the figure, and it is so different looking and unique, I would snag this. Kong fan or not, this is a kick-ass figure that needs to be on one's horror/monster/kaiju shelf. You can find this one in Walmarts right now and in more places soon.

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