NECA Releases: Thermal Predator and Halloween Michael Myers

NECA has two great releases available right now for horror fans to add to their collections. Predator fans can hit up their local Target stores to find the exclusive Thermal Fugitive Predator figure, while slasher fiends can finally add a new Michael Myers to their shelves with a release based on the icons appearance in last years hit Halloween film. We got our hands on both, so let's take a look at two more excellent releases from NECA!

Up first is the Thremal Fugative Predator from last years The Predator film. Right off the bat, the figure looks incredible in the packaging. I live the way the colors of the figure pop with the box. It has an elegance to the design, and the giant window box makes this a MOC collectors dream. Great, great job on that. Once out of the box, this is again another home run Predator figure from NECA. The only accessory with this release is the arm blades, but that's ok. This is Predator on the hunt. The translucent blue plastic really sets this one apart, and the camo paint aps are perfectly executed. Hit this figure with some light from behind, and gaze in wonder at its awesomeness. This matches the original Fugative Predator release as far as articulation is concerned, and since it is always top notch this is maybe my favorite Predator figure they have done. I can't recommend this one enough.

NECA and their Ultimate horror series have been a huge hit with collectors, and this Michael Myers figure is a perfect example of why. Again, this is based on Michael's big return to the screen last year, and just like the Predator, the packaging is a home run. I love these window boxes they use for their Ultimate figures, it makes it so hard to open them. Like most, this one features the movies key art on the front, with an awesome shot of the figure on the flap when opening, giant window box showing off the contents, and some action shots on the back.

Once out of the box, you get a great sense of just how great the sculpt on this figure is. There are two different heads, one where you can get a look into Michael's eyes and the other where they are nothing but darkness. That is the one I prefer, but both are well done. He comes with three weapons: a hammer, a fire poker, and of course his trademark butcher knife. All of them are from the film, and all look cool with Michael holding them, even if it is a little tough getting them into his hands. The fire poker is pretty flimsy, but that's ok.

He also comes with a Judith Myers tombstone (I swear every Michael figure ever has one of those), and a flickering light-up jack-o-lantern with heart eyes from the film. The severed policeman's head is icing on the cake, as it features a gnarly sculpt. Multiple hands, including one with him missing fingers also add tons of display options, and I must say they did a good job making this figure seem very menacing. It will be cool to see them add Laurie Strode to this line this year so they can face off.

Both of these figures are must-owns. NECA always does a phenomenal job making sure genre fans get the highest quality product, and these two are no different. Again- you can only find the Thermal Predator at Target. The ones around me have stocked a couple times, so happy hunting. Michael has been spotted at Target, FYE, comic shops, and can be ordered online places like this. Make sure to add these to your collections, you won't be sorry.

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