NECA's New King Kong Figure Is Plastic Monster Goodness

NECA has been on fire with collectors these past couple years, especially when it comes to horror and kaiju and such. High on most people's want list, especially mine, was for them to tackle King Kong. The giant ape has always been a favorite of mine, and after years of enjoying NECA's Godzilla offerings, I have been desperate to add the Eighth Wonder of the World to my Ultimate line shelf. So, in June, when they surprised us by announcing we would finally be getting a King Kong figure, it became one of my most anticipated of the year. He is hitting Target stores right now, and after days of searching, I finally snagged one today. Let's take a look at how this release is a good start, and hopefully leads to more down the road.

NECA's King Kong Is Good, But Not Great

First off, I have to say I am a little bummed about the packaging. Usually, it feels sturdier and features some clever, well thought out look to it. This one is not that. The cardboard for the box is really flimsy, and while the photography of the figure on the box is top-notch as always, it just feels like it is missing something. The inside flap and window box look great though, no complaints there. I can't put my finger on it, but King Kong should feel more epic, and I just am not getting that from this box.

We open our toys around these parts, though, so once freed from his plastic prison, Kong stands at 8 inches tall, and features some of the best articulation on a NECA figure. I love the extra joints in the legs, so when getting him into more of a top-heavy pose, he keeps his stability. Right when this was announced, the classic shocked head this came with became controversial. A closed mouth head is needed here; I do not like that the only option is a yelling face. But to not include that classic, 1933 head would have been a travesty, so I am okay with it. He is a big guy, as Kong should always be. He has a good weight to him, and the battle scars all over his body, and such are all very well done. My biggest complaint is that when moving the figure around, the paint was chipping off my figure in little brown flecks. Not great, especially when the rest of the figure is pretty great. The swappable parts are easy to change, a refreshing change from previous NECA releases. That paint issue though, is hard to ignore; it happens with any movement.

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So, what I would say is this: pick this up if you love King Kong as much as I do. Keep the 1933 head on there, and have a cool original Kong for your shelf. Hopefully, we can get more of these down the road, so we can get some different face portraits. Also, be wary of the paint issue. That is a big issue for this figure, with as many articulation points as this has, it might be a problem in the future. This is a good start, though. King Kong is hitting Target stores now, and can still be preordered here.

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