New York Toy Fair: 60 Pics From the Super7 Booth

Super7 is my favorite toy company, as anyone who reads this site on regular basis knows. These are interesting times for them right now. After having to cease making Masters of the Universe figures for the foreseeable future, they are expanding their licenses, and doing fresh things with some properties that have either been dormant for awhile or needed a fresh spin. The Super7 cases at New York Toy Fair this year were full of such products, so let's take a look at what's coming!

First up, ReAction fans have a lot to look forward to. From sports to music, classic shows and cartoons, and real life wonders, there is something for everyone in the line. New waves of Aliens, TMNT, and a ton of new baseball figures are on the way. For TMNT, the Baxter Stockman and disguise Donny were the standouts to me. New properties like Nightmare Before Christmas, NBA, Jem and the Holograms, and even the Munsters are on the way, along with Back to the Future 2 and more Universal Monsters. Music releases include Lemmy, a Rancid figure, and out of nowhere an Agnostic Front figure. New Papa figures from Ghost, and their first forays into the world of hip hop are also coming. The coolest however are the Transformers ReAction. the first wave was a huge success, and they are all in now. Some heavy hitters and less known bots are coming, and best of all, Devestator!

Also on display were their wave two TMNT Ultimates, including Leonardo, Bebop, and Mutagen Man. Shredder was also in the case, but he had some issues and I couldn't get a good pic of him. Also in the case were four new Thundercats Ultimates, which were literally finished just a couple nights before the show. They all looked incredible, and if you haven't preordered yet, get on it. (Editor's Note: they also had an Andre the Giant Ultimate and renders for wave 1 of NJPW figures in the case, but a bunch of our photos of those disappeared. Sorry!)

Check out all the awesomeness below!

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