GI Joe Gets Animated With New PCS Collectibles Statues

GI Joe has been seemingly getting a lot of attention lately. With the new G.I. Joe Classified Series figure from Hasbro the attention is back in the spotlight for this series. This time, PCS Collectibles is taking us back to 1985 to the GI Joe Animated Series. Three statues are headed our way as they reveal some 3D images of the statues. First up is the one and only Cobra Commander who is standing proud and ready for world domination. He is wearing his classic uniform with the color being just right. Staying in the world of Cobra, Storm Shadow is next who is loaded with his own personal arsenal. Last but not least is yet another ninja with GI Joe comrade Snake Eyes. PCS Collectibles is going heavy into the animated world here with capturing his look very well.

Each statue will be placed on there retrospective team logo. Each one will be 1/8th scale and a perfect addition to any GI Joe fans collection. PCS Collectibles has only shown us the digital mock up so some differences will happen later on. The definition and tone are nicest done and make these 2D characters very 3D and ready for your shelves. Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow will all be priced at $54. They are set to release this year in November 2020 and you can find pre-orders for all three are already live and located here. Yo Joe!

"From Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Inspired by his classic animated appearance, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to present the Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes 1:8 Scale Statues! Made of PVC, Cobra Commander includes a base for easy display."

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