Let's Take a Look at the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Figures

When Hasbro purchased the Power Rangers last year, I was not alone in thinking only one thing: Legends-style figures. While Bandai has had a 6 inch line of Rangers for a long time, a Legends-style line of figures would be realistic designs, proper proportions, and articulation they these figures have been lacking. When shown at New York Toy Fair this year, I can safely say from standing next to long-time collectors that they were blown away, and they were not even allowed to mess with them. Wave 1 is now in stores, and I found the two I was most interested in as a MMPR fan- the White Ranger and Lord Zedd. Let's take a look at them shall we?

First- I really want to commend the design team on the packaging. Taking some cues from Marvel Legends, the Power Rangers Lightning Collection boxes feature window box fronts showing off the figure and accessories on the front, with wrap-around character art on the box by artist Tom Whalen. The artwork is gorgeous, and will make you think twice about even opening the figures. The art is also located on the other side panel, and the back features the figure in an action pose. Just all-around awesome. Catches the eye, looks dynamite on or off the peg. This is figure packaging perfection right here.

We open our toys around these parts however, and once you get these out of the box it is clear that this will end up being the best Power Rangers figure line of all-time as far as quality goes. Looking at Zedd first, the sculpt could not be any better. Every detail is painstakingly recreated here, with perfect paint aps and design. My figure has an ever so slight problem with a loose leg, but other than that he is easy to pose and stand. He is more than capable of handling his accessories, they are a very tight fit but not impossible to get them in place. I spent a good five minutes just staring at his head. The energy piece will be familiar to Legends collectors, and is easily manipulated to fit perfectly around the top or even bottom of his staff. Great figure.

Like many though, the main event of this first wave for me was the White Ranger, Tommy Oliver. And again, perfect paint aps and a great sculpt make this one a home run to display. I actually prefer the helmet look to the Tommy sculpt, although with their face scan tech employed here this is as close to Jason David Frank as an action figure we will ever get. With swappable hands, interchangeable heads, the Saba Sword, and an effects piece, this easily dwarfs Bandai's Power Rangers line in the accessory department. The Saba has nice detail on it, and when posing Tommy your imagination is your only obstacle. The chest piece does not limit his mobility at all. Another great figure.

These are great figures. I haven't stayed "current" with Power Rangers in years, but MMPR holds a special place in my heart and after seeing the quality on display with these two, any figures they put out from that era will be must-owns. The mind races when thinking of what they can do with Zords…Between these and the Beast Morphers line, this is a pretty exciting time to be a Ranger collector.

You can order some of the line for yourself here, or find them in stores now.


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