Star Wars Mission Fleet Mandalorian Razor Crest Is A Great Surprise

Star Wars Mission Fleet is one of the cooler lines to collect right now from Hasbro, especially if you love all eras of Star Wars. They have done sets from all three trilogies, every animated series, and since the scale is smaller, that includes vehicles as well. One of the more surprisingly fun releases as of late is their Mission Fleet Razor Crest, which we will take a look at today. Hasbro sent us one to take a look at, and we were way more impressed than we thought we would be once we got our hands on it.

Star Wars Mission Fleet Are Great For All Collectors

The packaging for these releases is also fun. They keep the logos and such to the side and feature some really cool key art of the toy inside front and center — I really enjoyed that. The back looks at the inside contents and action features, and the whole presentation pops. Not sure I would need MOC versions of these, but an excellent design and execution for sure.

Of course, this Star Wars set comes with The Mandalorian and Grogu, and both figures are nice. For being so small, the details on the figures are very well done. I do wish there was some kind of elbow joint on the Mando; the straight arms holding some of the blasters look a little silly, but I still enjoy it. I also like the swappable jet pack and cape, makes for great display options. Both fit nicely in the cockpit of the Razor Crest as well. Just make sure to take his cape off.

I will say this: when you first remove it and put the pieces together, you have a bit of a "That's it?" feeling. It is a hunk of plastic. But then you take all the hatch doors down and see the play options, and it grows on you big time. If you have the Star Wars Mission Fleet Mandalorian speeder bike, it goes right into the ship. The panels come down for diorama possibilities. The colors are also top-notch, the orange and blue accents are well done. But the thing that put this over the top for me is the weapons locker. Each weapon has a place, and they are even sculpted, so you can make sure to put them in the right spot. This was a genius move.

I didn't back the HasLab Star Wars Razor Crest, so this is close as I will get to having the ship in my collection. But I am super happy with this. The line continues to impress and be a great addition to any Star Wars collection for any age. I cannot recommend this enough. You can check it out more here.

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