We Taste Test the New Casey's Exclusive MTN DEW Overdrive 

Mountain Dew has been on a hot streak lately, with an impressive set of new flavors on shelves this year. This year alone, we have Major Melon and Spark in both standard and zero flavors, as well as the classics with Voltage, Code Red, and Livewire. We also have some restaurant exclusives with KFC and Taco Bell. The latest releases include the return of Typhoon as well as bottles and cans of Baja Blast to shelves along with two extra tropical flavors. However, the new flavors do not end there as we have started to see some new in-store exclusives like the recent Purple Thunder that hit Circle K. It looks like another has also arrived at another convenient store with Casey's. Casey's is a mid-western pizza stop, so bad luck for those MTN Dew fans on the east coast. Thankfully our friends over PepsiCo sent us a goodie box for the new Casey's Exclusive MTN Dew Overdrive!

I was surprised to see this flavor show up, and the box included some sweet gear for the summer heat. We got a MTN Dew Overdrive themed towel, an inner tube, a pair of sunglasses, and a bottle of the exclusive beverage. This new MTN Dew art is just fantastic, and I love how the company even went back and modified the classic flavors with new themes. But, today's focus is on Overdrive which is labeled as a Citrus Punch flavor with hints of Mango, Raspberry, and Lime.


The best way to describe what the flavor is, would be to another member of Dew Nation nation that Dew drinkers can get their hands on now. MTN Dew Flamin' Hot has made it to most stores by now, and that is the closest you will get to MTN Dew Overdrive if you are not close to a Casey's. The flavor is almost exact to the Flamin' Hot's, but without the heat. That is not a bad thing either, as that heat really pulls away from enjoying the drink and Overdrive does just that. All the Citrus Punch flavors collide, making this a nice cool drink for the summer. 

This is definitely no DEW.S.A, but it has a nice simple citrus flavor to cool you down and at least enjoy it. We already have a lot of Citrus Soda flavors though, so we can blend it with some of them. The Flamin' Hot Dew is 100% similar to this flavor, so as you take that first sip (before the heat) it is the exact same flavor as Overdrive. I am curious what more flavors MTN Dew has in store for us and I hope we can see the return of DEW.S.A once again. If you live in the mid-west, head to Casey's to grab a bottle now and try it out for yourself, who knows, maybe it is the perfect companion drink for one of those Casey pies. Cowabunga Dudes!

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